Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hive Fleet Muggis - The Harridan Under the Stairs

Geneguard (Bill) and I spent the afternoon watching / listening to The People Under the Stairs and painting / building / dremeling. I had to finish painting my Harridan and put together some Finecast™ models (holy crap the Broodlord is great now that I can pose him!) and then paint some terrain for our Candidus Callipus space hulk board.

The Harridan has been pretty easy to paint - the details are huge and I dip my tyranids so it works out well. He is really huge - I wish this thing were plastic, it'd be so much easier to play with and transport. I still have to base it up and dullcote, but here are some photos!

I also picked up some Capillary Towers on Ebay. These are pre-painted pics:


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  2. My wife calls the Harridan my "monster bat" which I think is hilarious, lol