Sunday, June 26, 2011

Feeds to Follow - 40k and Warmachine

Jeremy had requested a list of sites to follow regarding 40k and Warmachine, so I figured I'd provide the list that is in this blog's blogroll. I'll start with our Michigan brethren first then move on.

Ruinous Powers: Phil's blog about his Chaos SM army and his WM armies. He's going to start a new army soon!

Drop Pod Assault: A blog run by our gamerbro Josh. He puts his hobby progress and batrep information here, sprinkled in with some strategy. Can't recommend it enough.

Dark Future Games: Run by OST and CVinton out of Lansing, this blog details all the local happenings and their thoughts on 40k. Lots of awesome hobby progress posts and great painting. Adepticon coverage was awesome!

MI40k: Run by R3con and a few others, this site has a lot of theory and news as well as quite a bit of local tournament coverage. Also has an awesome forum to post about local events in.

Rhellion's Tabletop: Rhellion is another local gamer who plays a lot of Fantasy. I feel bad for him because he plays in GW stores :(

Fresh Coast 40k: Yes, I follow my own blog :P

Gamers Sanctuary: Our FLGS has their own blog.

Hulksmash's Homeplace: I subscribe to this mainly for the awesome Tyranid stuff.

NQMagazine: The blog for No Quarter magazine, PP's official mag.

Mid-Life Gaming Crisis: Another awesome Tyranid blog, as well as some information about gaming as a professional with a real life. Great stuff.

3++ Is the New Black: Kirby's blog. I mostly subscribe to read Tyranid articles, but there is a lot of good theoryhammer stuff if you're into that.

A Gentleman's Ones: Such a lovely blog. Brian has created so many great terrain boards; I found his site because he was raffling off a really really nice one. I follow mostly for his terrain updates but he also provides pretty awesome army updates too.

Apocalypse 40k: This is a blog for a site that is mostly forum-talk about Apocalypse games in 40k. They have a great set of house rules and lots of experience running Apocalypse games. I don't believe we've had a perfect Apocalypse game yet, but I think we're getting there using some of their guidelines.

Best Overall: Another Tyranid site with lots of other batreps and 40k information. He also plays Circle in WM.

Iron Agenda Blogging Network: This is a meta-list of a bunch of WM blogs. Might call it a webring about 10 years ago.

Pulp Citizen: Dustin and I are looking at a new game called Pulp City. I have a thing for superheroes and DC Comics - so does Dustin, so we're going to check out this game. Heroclix are cool but I could never stand the paint. This game might be good!

Fritz 40k: Lots of awesome Tyranid stuff! I actually bought his Tyranid strat guide. Haven't read through it all yet, but it is on my Kindle.

Secret Weapon Miniatures: This e-shop is producing some of the best wargaming hobby stuff around. I've only bought a few things, but you should definitely check it out.

Synaps3: Tyranids! This blog is run by a dude who goes to major tournaments and does really well with Tyranids.

Tales of a PP Press Ganger: GW gamers might be unfamiliar with the concept of a local representative (since GW hates the idea of developing their game locally!) but a press ganger does just that.

BOLS: Yeah, BOLS. Josh from DPA is publishing some great Battletech articles here.

The Back 40k: More Tyranid articles. Some great strategy and thinks I never thought about.

So there you have it. The entire list of blogs regarding 40k or WM that I subscribe to. I'll use another blog post another day to describe the podcasts I listen to.

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  1. Man, I've been looking for a good local Chaos blog where the author bitches a lot and doesn't post often enough. Do you know of any?