Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Devouring of Reth - Candidus Capillus

A while back I was really inspired by what the author of the blog "A Gentleman's Ones" had done to enhance his 40k experience. He had created a new game board based on a space hulk called the Sin of Alacrity.

I love thinking of new ways to play 40k, and the Boarding Action rules from Imperial Armour 9 provide a perfect opportunity to play this out using GW supplements. We decided to create a new board (4x4) to use this opportunity and show the other players in the area different ways to play. This blog will be following the WIP on the Candidus Capillus (Bright Hair - a Blood Angels ship, or a Tyranid infested space hulk :) ).

The Candidus Capillus will be orbiting Reth and depending on who wins the campaign, the loser of the campaign will defend the ship against boarders from the winners in the massive apocalypse game. At this time we plan to have the ship shooting down an orbital bombardment per turn until the control room is seized. Other rules are in the works but we don't want to reveal everything :P

We spent an evening at Brian's house cutting out foam into 2x2 boards with walls on the outside. We then put doors in them to match up with each 2x2. This is great because our group has two engineers in them and they managed all the precision cutting!

We  joined each section of foam with hot glue and 'rebar' (tooth picks) - it makes it pretty solid. We did this for all four sections, and there are four of us working on it. Each person takes a section to paint and put walls and accessories in.

Here Brian is measuring up a Thunderhawk. One of the boards may have a ship bay in it, and there will be a tunnel that goes to the Thunderhawk..

WIP shots from Jeremy.

Watch this blog for more updates! We'll certainly have more along the way. The apocalypse game will likely be in mid-June.


  1. I can't wait to see it finished. When I was a kid, my dad built a 4X6 board that was nothing but tunnels. We used blind deployment and a grid map to show a 3rd party GM where our minis moved. It was awesome! 40K has become too "tournament" focused. Projects like this remind me of all the possibilities this game has. Bravo!

  2. Great looking project! Keep the updates coming.

  3. Inspiring work! So many ideas, so little time :D