Sunday, April 24, 2011

Post-Tournament Bittersweet Blues

We had our tournament yesterday at Gamers Sanctuary in Flint, MI - 1500 points, 4 rounds, player-created scenarios. It was pretty fun and I am grateful to GS staff for running it!

My tyranid drop-outflank list I posted yesterday went 1-3. The whole idea with the list was the hive commander (hive tyrant) would allow everything to come in on turn 2 with a 3+, and the genestealers and tervigon would outflank (due to Hive Commander allowing one troop to outflank).

I knew this wasn't going to be a terribly competitive build but I figured I would try it for fun. I was lucky in that I got to play some of my friends' lists and see what they'd bring to a competitive tournament.

Round 1 I went up against Blood Angels led by a cool guy that comes into the store all the time. We had to play a scenario where you took a copy of your leader and gave it to other person; this was a doppelganger so to speak and you had to kill it.

My commander was of course Hive Tyrant Muggis and he was 260 points. My opponent had Gabriel Seth (160?) so I was already down 100 points in the game! I managed to hide shadow-Seth behind a building but turn 2 he was killed as my dudes dropped in. I didn't give him enough support, lol.

My opponent thought it was in the bag, but he moved his copy of Muggis to his back left table edge. My genestealers came on from outflank, rended him 4 times and killed him. It was tied! His general, Seth, wasn't attached to a unit, so my Zoans ran over and warp lanced him in the face. My hive tyrant survived, so I won!

Game 2 was against John's Space Wolves. I've never had good luck against the new SW. I'll save my whining for another post, but I played very well (so did John) and it was very close. I managed to kill thunderwolves! Bjorn survived 3 warp lances to his rear armor. :(

Game 3 was against Adam's Blood Angels. This mission had a table-edge shortening mechanic and the center objective (the only one) had an 18" anti-deep strike bubble. The first player to take the objective scored the tertiary; if you held the objective for a turn you scored the primary; I can't remember what the secondary was.

My army wasn't built for this one at all, especially since it was from short table edges and there was basically no cover that way. Adam tabled me, I think.

Game 4 was against Dustin's Daemons. It was super fun, just a normal book mission. He won 2-1.My genestealers killed a ton of bloodletters; his bloodletters killed a ton of genestealers. Also, never ever let flamers live.

The bittersweet part about this tournament is that everyone commented on how great my army looked, how cool it was seeing them. I am always kinda embarrassed when this comes up! I don't consider myself a great painter or an artist or anything, so I really like hearing it.

My harpy conversion (I'll put it in the next post) was commented on all day. I was super pumped about that (although the harpy didn't do too well, lol). One person told me to send a photo of it into White Dwarf and another wants me to put together another for him! In the end the day made me feel good about my army and hobby effort.

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  1. Your monstrous creatures look awesome on the table. I was fortunate to be able to shoot them up a bit before they got in too close. Was a fun tournament, but I hope to play my Tau for the next one. I have never beaten 5th edition Tyranids with my Tau.