Monday, April 25, 2011

Deffskull Ork Army

Old School Terminator asked for some shots of my Deffskulls, and I'm in the mood for procrastinating from grading, so here we go!

An early conversion of mine using a junk basilisk I got in a craigslist lot is up first. It's a shame Looted Wagons are so terrible in-game, especially the boomgun version.

Looted Basilisk:

Random Ork Boyz:

Big Mek and assistant:

Killa Kanz:

(Poorly framed) Deff Dread:

Diorama piece I did for a competition:

Well that was a whole lot of pics. Hope someone enjoys them! Stay tuned for pics of models from someone other than me.


  1. My hat is off to you, sir, I love the blue checkered theme. Great paint, great looting and I may have to whip out a little looted wagon of my own from this inspiring peice.

  2. Thanks! I really enjoy the Deffskullz. I'm not so successful with them in game, but such is life.

    I have a 2nd looted wagon conversion that's been sitting in limbo, as well as some converted koptas I'd like to do. But they're both stuck on that "someday" list so who knows when I'll get to it.