Foodhammer 2014

Saturday, December 6 at 12:00pm
Gamers Sanctuary - 4290 Miller Rd. Flint, MI

Foodhammer returns to Mid-Michigan again for the fourth year in a row. We are planning to host a 40k tournament, open WHFB gaming, and Bolt Action gaming. There will be demos available for new games like Bolt Action and Dropzone Commander.

The goal is to raise as much money and food as possible for the Eastern Michigan Food Bank. It is time to step up and have some fun while donating to a great cause! Foodmachine raised over $1400 this year, lets see if we can beat them!

There will be tons of prizes to give away. TONS. Check out years past:

Here is the list of Gastronomicon upgrades you can purchase with your tickets!

Follow the event details here:


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