Monday, March 6, 2017

The Road to AdeptiCon - Painting the Virginia Regiment

I'm getting close to being finished with my main project for AdeptiCon, my Virginia Regiment provincials for our Sharp Practice game on Friday night. Its been about a two month paint slog on these guys with lots of different colors and being really careful with painting buttons (I don't know if I've ever painted buttons before).

This year I decided to try new paints, going from GW/PP/Vallejo to mostly Coat D'Arms / Vallejo and some Stone Mountain paints. I wanted to change it up and use some other paints and explore new colors. I also wanted to get deeper into varying shades of the military colors I'd need for my planned French and Indian War, Rev War, and Samurai models.

Here you can see a little chart I made up showing the colors corresponding to an Osprey panel. I actually think I'll be doing this for every force I paint up in the future so I can remember.

I started by painting the base on the coats Dark Blue, then highlighted a bit with Light Blue. Then I painted the waistcoats and facings British Scarlet and highlighted with Ruby Red. This a pretty large undertaking as most of the model was blue and red.

I painted their faces and hands using Stone Mountain Miniatures Caucasian flesh.

One of the middle steps, before painting black

Then I painted the black parts with Black Grey by Vallejo. I really love this color and use it all the time for anything black. It is a little lighter than black so it takes washes and is easier to highlight, in my opinion. I painted their hats, boots, shoes, legging ties, etc with Black Grey. Their cartridge boxes were also Black Grey but they don't show on the picture. I highlighted the cartridge box with a lighter gray.

Then I went through and painted leggings Leather Brown. The top of the officers boots were also painted this color. I believe they also had white leggings, but I think they may only have been used on parade.

The straps for all the bags and pouches were painted Buff, and the hat tips and collars were painted White. Finally, I painted canteens, officer trim, and buttons using Army Painter Shining Silver.

The last step was to use Army Painter soft tone liberally to wash the spots of the model that needed shadow. I don't tend to paint detail on faces, so a wash settles in the eyes and mouth perfectly.

Mostly finished, before basing

I've started a new process, based on something Paul B told me, where I use three coats of Pledge Floor Wax on pewter models. This acts as a gloss varnish. Then I dullcote over it.

Here you can see some of the images from Galloping Major's site of the provincials before they've been painted. I love the dynamic stances and the huge details that are easy to paint. The officer stances in particular are amazing.

Last up are my two deployment points. One of them will be the above guy (example painted by GM) standing next to a bonfire and counting supplies. The other will be a group of civilians eating dinner while watching troops drill. Unbeknownst to them, a Native American has crept up behind them to get some plunder.

Check back later this week for finished photos and deployment points!

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