Friday, October 7, 2016

Announcing the Royal American Regiment of the Brush - An AdeptiCon Expedition

Happy Friday! I wanted to pass along some information on an informal AdeptiCon group we're starting for 2017. We're calling ourselves the Royal American Regiment of the Brush, and we'll be working together to paint some models and play a game at AdeptiCon. Its not totally planned out yet as to where and when etc, but we do have some details to share.

For some background - there is a group called The Guns of April that has been meeting at AdeptiCon for a few years to do group games together based on joint hobby progress. I've followed everything they've done. It's awesome.

I've been sponging up Sharp Practice stuff and really wanting to play it as much as possible, but my local options are limited as yet because I haven't painted a ton of 28mm musket era guys yet. I thought perhaps a game could be arranged while we're all at AdeptiCon, so I pinged some dudes I've played Bolt Action with at AdeptiCon (and a former podcast host!) and turns out there was a lot of interest...

The first thing we had to do was choose a system. I had proposed Sharp Practice for this year because its new, lots of people are interested, and I wanted to play it. Next year we can definitely do something else - 1/3000 naval ships, Crimean War Black Powder, Alaskan wilderness expeditions, whatever the group wants to do with whatever rules. Its a group for a shared experience, not necessarily justifying expenses on things.

Next we chose our period. Sharp Practice covers the musket era from 1700-1865, roughly, so we had a ton of options. I was initially really interested in American Civil War, but that was quickly shot down due to other scales that other people are invested in. French and Indian War was proposed pretty early on and super popular. The vote eventually showed a huge interest in it, so we chose to do that this year!

We have yet to decide a narrative scenario, but it will likely be something really interesting and story-like instead of just forces showing up to face off. We'll definitely have British Regulars, French regulars, Canadian Militia, French marines, loyal provincials, and plenty of native Americans. The F&I war was mostly fought on foot, so we likely won't have any cavalry or mounted infantry. We've decided to make it pretty easy for people to get in as they only have to paint six-16 figures at the most.

Our intention is to highlight our progress via purchases (purchases are hobby progress!), assembly, painting, basing etc. on our various blogs. Once we get to the day of the big game, we'll definitely have video and written battle reports.

We have worked out our forces and assigned commanders - I'll go over that next week. I can tell you now that I am responsible for painting 16 provincial troops and a commander for them, who is level II, so maybe a lieutenant. Eureka makes some pretty amazing provincials...

Check out these how to play videos on Sharp Practice and check back next week for more info!

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