Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Summer Hobby Projects

Miniature hobby and gaming has traditionally been a winter past time for me but I have managed to get some projects done this summer.  The Ora Recentes Warhammer 40k campaign is going strong and it got me motivated to get some stuff done for my Tau army.   I also picked up the latest expansion for the Relic board game which motivated me to finish up painting all the character busts.   Pictures below.

The first project was my Tau Y'Vahra model that I picked up at Adepticon.    This is one of my favorite models I have ever purchased and I really enjoyed assembling and painting it. 

The Y'Vahra has experimental rules that are really good.   It's possible the rules will be toned down in some future release but for now this guy is kicking butt on the table.

I bought a Cadre Fireblade model for the last campaign chapter but never got around to painting him up.   It's a neat model as well and I like the scenic base.

Fireblades are not the greatest rules wise but it is a cheap point cost HQ option which is nice to have.

I finished up four of the new broadside kits to have six total.   I bought some used ones from Muggins and had to strip the paint first.   The person he bought them from did some nice conversion work to get them in dynamic poses. 

The missilesides variants are considered much better in competitive play.

However, I really like the look of the railsides version.   I'm hoping they get a boost in the next codex update.

Both groups are required for the Firebase Support Formation which includes a Riptide.  

Next up I worked on some of the busts from the first Relic:Nemesis boardgame expansion.

I did some airbrushing work first to get some color layering followed by some washes and detailing.


Then I worked on the next set of character busts from the Relic:Halls of Terra expansion.

Painting the larger scale busts was a nice change of pace.

I also converted the base game box to fit both expansions.   I used the original box insert and cut it into pieces to make the side trays.

Finally the last project was to assemble my second Detolf display case in my hobby room.   I enjoy having some of my favorite stuff on display to keep me motivated.

That's it for now.   Next up is Gencon and I have a few projects to get done in preparation.    Hope you're enjoying the Summer.   Thanks for viewing!

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  1. Those busts would be super intimidating to me but you did a great job!