Friday, August 8, 2014

Trollblood Scattergunners

Today I'm posting some Trollblood Scattergunners I recently painted, which are photographed using my sweet new lighting rig I finally got around to getting.

Scattergunners are a ranged unit for a Trollblood army in Hordes. They each shoot 8" POW 12 spray templates, which in a unit of 6 or 10 models, means a LOT of infantry killing potential, and a potential threat to light jacks/beasts. Their RAT is somewhat low at 5, but the potential for so many attacks makes up for it.

The Officer and Standard UA add amazing abilities to the unit. First, they gain Combined Melee Attack. Not super useful since they have a weak P+S 9 melee attack to begin with, but in a pinch it can be helpful. While he is in play, the Officer also gives the unit Quick Work, meaning if they kill something in melee, they can then make a ranged attack. Again, not super useful because they're not great in melee and also must be unengaged to make the shot. But still, cool.

The real reason the UA is amazing is the Clear! ability. This ability means any Scattergunner ranged attacks auto-miss friendly models. This means you can fire right through your front rank of guys while the gunners remain safe from retaliation. There are a lot of other neat shenanigans you can pull with this, such as hitting untargetable models by targeting your own model first, or just lining up better shots without fear of hitting your own  guys.

Up first, a pic of the whole unit and closeups of some grunts:

The tartans were an experiment that didn't come out as intended, but decent enough.

Next is the unit leader, officer, and standard bearer:

The officer and standard look much nicer than the main unit. You can tell they were sculpted quite some time after the original unit.

So far I've only gotten one game with these guys. I took the minimum unit +UA with Epic Madrak, and they were amazing. The extra shot on feat turn is super helpful, and if I need some late game melee punch, Madrak can cast Blood Fury on them and BAM, super killy dudes. I ultimately lost, but it was a close game, and I learned a lot about running these guys. I look forward to getting more play time with them.

As always, thanks for looking!


  1. That Clear! ability is pretty insane. Awesome painting, would like to see what you use for your photo box thingy

  2. Really like the sound of Clear! These guys seem like a much better option than the Bushwackers