Friday, August 22, 2014

Thornwood Thursday - Post GenCon Edition

Wow, it's been awhile since I posted anything!  Summer time has been busy with non-gaming responsibilities but I did manage to get some painting done on my Circle Orboros army before GenCon last weekend.   I had planned on getting a fully painted army ready for the Hardcore tournament but ended up bowing out and just playing Iron Arena games.    Playing fully painted did get me extra points and I picked up my Circle faction patch for my miniatures bag.    Pictures after the jump.

Earlier this year I decided to focus on playing my Circle army and getting it fully painted before going back to my Retribution.    As it turns out, I added more and more models so it has been a slow process.    For GenCon and some local SR tournaments I have been focused on getting better at learning to play epic Krueger.    I managed to finish up his model right before GenCon.

I used a resin SWM base to add some height to the model.    Krueger2 has natural flight so I liked the "death from above" theme.    I had to drill/pin him to the base as his cape is the only thing in contact with the ground.

I think I could have done better with the lightning effect on his staff, but I am really happy with how the shading came out on his cloak using my airbrush.

I also painted up a second Warpwolf Stalker.    The Stalker is still the mainstay heavy beast in most Circle lists for his utility and being good at taking on infantry or other heavy targets.    This kit is not pose-able at all but I did use Pureblood arms to make his sword stand out and to distinguish him from my other Stalker.

I did paint up my Lord of the Feast model as well.    I've owned this model for awhile now but finally got him properly painted.    I like his rules but he suffers a bit against heavy armored or multi-wound targets (like most of Circle).

Some other models I did awhile back included two unit attachments, Nuala and a Druid Overseeer.   Both models were particularly difficult with a lot of small trinkets to paint.   

Lastly, I finished my second unit of shifting stones.    I painted this set with blue instead of green runes and also added some tall grass to distinguish them from my other stones unit.

As mentioned, I did not play in any tournaments but I did play in the Iron Arena.    The theme tables are always cool to see but in some cases difficult to play a proper game on.

I ended up playing eKrueger in all my Iron Arena games. I did struggle in games using the unique scenario rules.   All in all though I like eKrueger and I think he will be a definite second caster I will run alot in SR tournaments.

The only new Circle model at GenCon was the new Warlock Bradigus.   I am not really interested in him at the moment so I didn't bother to pick him up.   I did pick up some of the new pins from PP and added them to my bag.   I also added the new Circle patch from my Iron Arena points.

Thanks for checking out my stuff!

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