Thursday, April 17, 2014

Thornwood Thursday - Minions Painting

Following up on my last painting post, here are some Minions I've painted over the past couple of months.

First up is the Swamp Horror. This is a sweet heavy beast with a ton of low power attacks. He isn't super killy by himself, but his animus is awesome. It gives a friendly model Reach, one of the strongest abilities in the game. It's something that really helps Gators, especially their beasts.

I wanted this thing to look really alien and weird, so I used a totally different paint scheme that was mostly monochromatic. 

Creeper eyes

Water effects are a pain, but look so cool.
I tried to get the membrane to look like it was glowing or slightly transparent. Didn't quite come out like I hoped, but I think it still looks cool. This was fun to paint, especially since I did everything but the basing in one night.

Next I have a pair of solos- Viktor Pendrake and Saxon Orrik. Both are solos that can maybe take out some infantry here and there, or put a hurt on a beast. But they're mainly brought for their utility. Saxon can give a unit pathfinder, and Viktor can give a model or unit bonuses to hit beasts. Both are great abilities. Saxon actually can't be taken with Gatormen, only Farrow. But he plays well with my Trollbloods. Even though they have access to pathfinder through the Fell Caller, sometimes you want to use the Fell Caller for other things (like +2 MAT!), or need to shave points. At 2 pts, Saxon is a steal. Viktor is great in a list you'd expect to drop against Hordes, especially high defense Circle.

Pendrake is a Cygnaran, so I made sure he had some Cygnar blue. I totally gave him aviator douche-glasses a la PaintVagrant. (Love ya bro.)

I learned a trick for easy stubble, but don't get too much use for it on Trolls. Looks cool on Saxon though.
There's actually a lot of really cool backstory behind these characters. Long story short, they both used to be Cygnaran Rangers, stuff went down, now they hate each other.

That's it for me. Hopefully next time I can post up my super sweet new Journeyman Warlock!

Thanks as always for reading!

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