Wednesday, April 2, 2014

(Early) Thornwood Thursday - The prodigal Trollbloods return

With apologies for my long hiatus, I bring pics of some of the stuff I've painted lately, including the amazing Trollkin Warders, a Storm Troll, and the Fennblade Kithkar. Posting this a bit early to catch folks before they head out for Adepticon. Pics after the jump!

So I haven't posted here in quite some time, due to work, health, family, etc etc. I don't get in too many games of Warmachine and Hordes, but I do try to paint when I can. Here are some of the results of that work.

First up is my first unit of Trollkin Warders.

This is an amazing unit that really epitomizes the typical Trollblood play style. Super hard to kill, but slow. With the right buffs the will basically murder the world. They are a plastic unit, which is nice in terms of keeping the price down. But PP has had problems with their weird plastic/resin hybrid material, and it REALLY shows in these guys. Awful mold lines in bad places, lots of flash. They were awful to clean up before assembly. But they're so amazing I still have a second unit I will definitely be painting up sooner rather than later!

These models are super detailed for Privateer models. It took a deceptively long time to get them all painted up. I won't lie, I was happy to be done with them.

I tried to do some fancier patterns with the tartans. I still think I need to get better at my color choices for them, but technically at least I think I did ok here.

Next up is my Fennblade Kithkar.

I actually painted this dude some time ago but never posted him. This guy was super fun to paint. Not too much detail, and several different techniques were needed. This was an earlier tartan pattern that didn't work out as well, but I was at least trying!

The model comes with a faceplate for his helmet. It's intended to be put on the model raised up over his head, but I thought it looked pretty silly, also fragile. I left it off and think the model is much improved for it.

Last up, I have my Storm Troll.

 The Storm Troll is another sweet utility light beast for Trollbloods. His animus really ups the infantry-killing ability of whatever you put it on, and he has an ok gun too. I did some glowing effects on the runes all over the model, as well as on the stalagmite-ish outcroppings on its back. Just a fun, quick to paint model that will get a lot of use in games.

And that's it for me. Thanks for reading! Next week I'll have some Minions stuff to show off, including the super creepy Swamp Horror.


  1. As always - an awesome job on your models! You should do a how-to on the Tartan cloaks!


  2. The color combinations are really good. Great details as always.