Sunday, February 9, 2014

Ora Recentes Recap: Week 1

The "Intrusion at Ora Recentes" campaign is under weigh (Editor's note: apparently this is a very old and correct way of saying 'under way')!

In case you have no Idea what I am talking about, "Intrusion at Ora Recentes" is the narrative campaign I am running at Gamers Sanctuary.  While the basic premise of a force of Xenos Raiders attacking an Imperial planet might be nothing new, the way I am running it is completely different from anything we have done before.  The results of every week change the actual course of the campaign from the missions themselves to the units and equipment available to each side.  Secret missions with multiple objectives keep all the players on their toes every week.  Players are encouraged to name their Characters and keep track of them throughout the five sessions of the campaign.  They can earn experience and acquire battle wounds that need to be tended to.  I am really trying to tell a story through the games themselves.

The first week of the campaign saw the Xenos Raiders, played by Will (Eldar), Pete (Dark Eldar), Mike O (Tryanids), and Mike M (Orks) testing the defenses of the planet through several skirmish level games.  It was up to the Imperial Defense Force, consisting of Jeremy (Blood Angels), Adam (Blood Angels), Joe (Ultramarines), and Larry (Imperial Fists), to stop them at all costs.

While the majority of the battles were fought on the planet's surface in several lightning raids, it was the battle for the planets sole Orbital Defense Array that captured everyone's attention.  While the Xenos struck at the hastily built Imperial defenses, a contingent of Death Company marines, led by a Reclusiarch, tried to hold off an infiltrating force of Genestealers from the heavily armed space platform.  The fearsome claws of the aliens proved to be too much for even the crazed followers of Sanguinius to withstand.  The ODA and it's payload were in the hands of the Raiders.

Fortunately, things fared much better for the Imperial forces planet-side as they managed to repel the combined Xenos attacks on their bulwarks.  This would buy them time to establish a defensive perimeter around the most likely targets for an attack that would surely come.

Both aspects of this engagement were well documented by Jeremy and Will, the respective Supreme Commanders of each force.

Week two will take place this Wednesday night.  If you are thinking about coming to Gamers Sanctuary and want to join the campaign, bring 2000 points of Xenos or Imperial forces from a single Codex.  If you can, bring both!  I'll do y best to get you into the thick of things and find you a game!  If you just want to stop by to say "Hi" and check out the awesomeness that is "Forging the Narrative", we'd love to see you!

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