Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Power Progression: Unveiling My Trinity of Skorne for 2014

2014 is a brand-new year in terms of how I look at the game Hordes / Warmachine. I have played Skorne since about November 2012 when I picked up a ton of used stuff. I've focused primarily on Makeda3 and Xerxis. I really like how both of them work and Makeda3 is somewhat underused. Xerxis is used quite a bit from what I can tell. In 2014 I wanted to learn a ton about the game and really focus on becoming good. I had planned for Menoth after Adepticon but instead I'm focusing just on Skorne.

I've decided to focus on a three warlock rotation to learn those three warlocks the best I can. Most of this emphasis I thought about when I was listening to Forgot To Feat podcast. This podcast is put on by a group similar to Fresh Coast called Dark Omen Games out of the Northeast. A goon named Gemini (mods PP and Muse forums) that Geneguard and I met at WMW is good friends with the dudes and actually shows up on this episode:

They do a good job at providing a summary at a more basic level at how to learn how to play a faction well. I like the three warlock method and plan to use that this year. Last year like I said I mostly focused on Makeda3 and Xerxis, but I also sprinkled in some other warlocks. My lineup and experience:

  • Dominar Rasheth - Played some, didn't want to noob it up with him because he's easy to kill
  • Tyrant Xerxis - Played a ton, pretty straightforward, hard hitting and infantry / beast support

Out of all of these, I decided on these three warlocks for 2014:

Xerxis: I like his playstyle a lot and he brings a ton to the table. Supports infantry well. Powerful offense especially on feat turn, powerful defense. Weak to purification. Fury 5.

pMorghoul: He gets 7 warbeast points which is really nice. His spell list only has three spells, but one is a speed and strength buff which for titans is nutso; one is admonition which allows even more shenanigans; the last is anti-tough anti-transfer nuke. His feat is somewhat controlly in that it allows you to say 'no focus or fury' within 10 inches. His weakness is a low fury stat that can be somewhat contained by additional control radius from a willbreaker and fury management from Bronzeback and beast handlers. He is also super squishy with a high defense.

The last spot I wanted to use for a warlock who was higher fury and would do some offensive spell casting.

eHexeris: Considered one of our top warlocks and has Black Spot which is amazing for clearing infantry. Awesome nuke in Ashes to Ashes that costs quite a bit. Great fury management with his feat. Defense buff that is pretty nice for infantry. This guy would be my anti-Cryx list because he drops defense.

So if I had to break down these warlocks into their key identifier I'd say:

Xerxis: Brick
Morghoul: Speed and offense
Hexeris: Toolbox, ranged offense

Phatasian on Muse on Minis always talks about the question a list will ask you. For the three warlocks:

Xerxis: Can you break my armor before my weapon master cataphracts beat your face in on feat turn?
Morghoul: Can you deal with my high distance threat and high offensive output?
Hexeris: Can you deal with black spot and me wiping infantry off the board in one turn?

I also identified key units that I thought were important for each warlock:

Xerxis: Cataphract cetrati (brick), incendiarii (ranged threat - not painted yet), titan gladiator (speed), Tiberion (power), Krea (armor)
Morghoul: Titan beasts (power and speed), Cyclops brute (anti-knockdown tech for Morghoul so he always has his high def)
Hexeris: Venator reivers (awesome interaction with Black Spot), Mammoth possibly

None of these lists really HAS to have Molik Karn, which means I'm free to put him in any. All three benefit from Adeptus Marketh (free upkeep with souls, cast one spell of 3 or less for free) so I can choose who gets him before the tournament if there are character restrictions (usually are).

This weekend we're having a 35 point Steamroller at Gamers Sanctuary. 50 points is usually where I do most of my thinking and tech, but I'm really attempting to make 2014 the year where I advance in competitiveness and threaten the top table at most local tournaments, so I am taking it pretty seriously with all the 'dojo' I'm doing in my head. Stay tuned this week for the two lists I'm planning on bringing.


  1. I like that approach. I think I'll have to do the same with my Cygnar. I'm thinking eStryker and 3Nemo for sure. I'm torn between eHaley, eCaine, and Siege as a third.

  2. As a fellow store player I am excited to see your progress.

    I think both characters will interact best with ehexxy, both provide some nifty interactions and shenanigans

  3. Im interested as a budding Skorne player ... yeah I said it.

    1. Awesome! Welcome to the empire. What have you been playing so far?