Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Off to Gen Con 2013

As some of my fellow FC40k club members are aware, I went to GenCon last year.   The joke is that I have made (too) many references to how awesome of an event it was.   Tomorrow, I hit the road and will be at GenCon 2013 throughout the weekend!   Unfortunately, I registered late and have not really planned my events as well as I would have liked.   Several events that I really want to attend are sold out.   But, I will do my best to cram as much gaming in as possible over the next four days.

Privateer Press has a big block of tables in the miniature gaming hall as well as a store in the retailers exhibit area.   I won't make it to their kick off event tonight, but I hope to snag a left over T-shirt or other swag if I can.   The big news for GenCon is the release of Epic Butcher for the 10th anniversary of Warmachine.

Last year I picked up the two exclusive GenCon miniatures but I will probably pass on this guy.  I am signed up for Iron Arena and I hope to get in at least one of the many tournaments PP runs at GenCon.   I did get a ticket to play in the "City" arena event that a local Indianapolis gaming group runs.   I played in their two events last year and it was a big highlight of my trip last year.

GenCon 2012: Ret vs Skorne in a destructible city environment - Awesome!
I did try to get into one of the Iron Kingdoms RPG events, but it looked like all of them were sold out.   I do plan on trying out the new Warmachine: Tactics card game and the new Level 7:Omega Protocol games from PP.   Some of the PP staff may be available for taking questions for blogs/etc.   I'll do my best to keep an eye out for anyone that wants to reveal the details of the upcoming Apotheosis book.   Maybe they will have an extra Eiryss3 lying around for me to buy before release (LOL).

Last year X-Wing was the big new game from Fantasy Flight.   This year, Star Trek Attack Wing is the new game and I am signed up to play in a sealed deck tournament(!?).   X-Wing is a fun game, but I really like the idea of a strategic Star Trek game to get my trekkie credentials updated.

Of course the BIG game at the moment is Infinity.   Now, I resisted getting into another minis game as long as I could.   But it is as fun as everyone claims and I am hooked.   I hope to meet some of the developers at their booth they will share with Battlefoam.   Hopefully they will have copies of their art book for me to buy and get signed.   I also plan on getting Muggin's rulebook signed for him as well

Other than that, my buddy Chris and I will most likely get in at least one of the D&D/Pathfinder games.   I know D&D 5th edition will be new this year so I am interested to learn how it plays.

I will do my best to get pictures for those responsible types that cannot attend.   Look for my wrap up next week!

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