Monday, August 19, 2013

My GenCon 2013 Highlights

Well my summer vacation trip this year turned out to be a lot of fun.   This year GenCon was just as fun as last time.   I spend four days trying out new demos, buying exclusive stuff, and meeting fellow gamers from around the WORLD.   Even with four straight days, I feel like I still did not get enough time to see and try out all the things I wanted to.   Here are some pictures from my weekend in gaming heaven.

outside the exhibit hall waiting for the doors to open
inside the exhibit hall
gaming demos everywhere
all the major gaming companies had displays along with minor ones
Mister Justin doing painting demos showing off SWM products
Infinity booth showing the Anaconda and Artbook exclusive mini
The guys from Corvus Belli were really cool
I bought the Infinity Artbook vol.1 and got a nice personalized drawing in it - how cool!
High end gaming tables
Very cool but $$$
Mantic's booth with some Dreadball games going
Sedition Wars table looked really cool
The new Star Trek attack wing game from WizKids
I played a demo game - similar mechanics to X-Wing
Privateer Press booth - Very busy area
I played a demo of their new card game - Warmachine High Command
I played a game of Fortune and Glory from Flying Frog Productions
The demos were run by the people used for the character photos - very cool
I tried the new Robotech RPG tactics kickstarter game - I am a huge Robotech fan!
I was outnumbered in the demo against the Zentraedi
And unfortunately outmaneuvered on the small table - I almost pulled out a win though
Games Workshop/ForgeWorld/Black Library booth - Just browsing there
Merc's scenery tables looked cool
Infinity tournament tables
More Infinity tables
I would have loved to play on these but need to get my stuff painted up

Played a game against a local blogger/podcaster
Iron Arena games on scenic tables - This game against a guy from Sweden
Huge Cygnar collection on display
City fighting team game with destructible terrain
Our team barely pulled out a win in points: 75 vs 74 pts after four turns
Random Cosplayers everywhere
Not sure what this pose was
Me with a Drow girl - starting a GenCon photo tradition?
Some of the goodies
Thanks for viewing!


  1. Looks awesome man. Thanks for snagging stuff for me. What did you think of High Command?

  2. High Command was OK, but deck building card games are not my favorite mechanic. I only played a few turns for the demo so need to play a full game before deciding.

  3. Very cool! Love the Sedition Wars board. Did you Kickstart Robotech?

    Also also I forgot: did they have any sweet Zombicide extras?

  4. Based upon your experience at GenCon, which game will you be picking up next?! :)

    1. Still enamored with Infinity at the moment. Nothing I saw or played enticed me enough to buy into.

  5. Looks like fun; thanks for the photos.