Tuesday, May 14, 2013

So, you’re considering getting into Infinity? 25% off Kickstarter at GS!

The fine folks at Gamers Sanctuary are running their own Infinity Kickstarter for all the customers that have been slowly warming up to the game.  That means any orders for Infinity products placed by June 3rd will receive a crazy 25% discount, better than the discounts offered by online retailers, and you don’t have to pay for the items until they arrive about a week later.

Some of you loyal Fresh Coast readers and local patrons of Gamers Sanctuary might be on the fence about jumping into the deep end with Infinity or you just don’t know where to start…

Well, I’m here to try and help you navigate the world Corvus Belli has created!

Here are the Complete Rules for Infinity or the Quick Start Rules if you're brand new to the game.

www.infinitythegame.com has an amazing collection of resources available to their fans, including free rules, expansions, printable templates/markers, a free & easy to use online army builder, and a deep wiki that I've used mid-game several times to get us through a turn.

And did I mention... It's all free!  The only real investment required is in a starter box for about $30 and that's enough to get you started with a 100-125pt list.  A fleshed out 300pt list is the stardard tournament/campaign size and will cost less than $100 if you get in on this GS Kickstarter.

Many fans of Infinity have collections that include 3, 4, or all of the armies.  It can be relatively cheap & easy to jump from playing one to another without missing a beat.  But really, you just need that starter box and that'll be a great way to play your first dozen games, which usually last about an hour or less.  And a 300pt list could be your only investment if you want, as you can be confident that that same list will be competitive a year or two from now.

Corvus Belli, the manufacturer, likes to keep things balanced and seems careful about not breaking the game or models when they introduce new rules.

You'll obviously also need glue and paint, but the only other item required is at least one d20.  Yes, this game uses 20-sided dice and it is one of the charms of Infinity that I enjoy. 

Looks VS. Strategy

You may have noticed the great looking models of Infinity.  There’s something to be said for picking the army that you think has the best aesthetics.  I say this because there really doesn’t seem to be any broken or underpowered factions.  This game is a lot about tactical positioning and a little about the luck of your d20s.
So, if you just want to get into the game without diving into a ton of research, choose the one you think looks the best and go with it.  Almost every army has access to most of the gear and weaponry in Infinity and there are only subtle differences between playstyles.


However, if you have gamer OCD and must know all your tactical options before committing, here is a quick & dirty breakdown of all the available factions.

  • Higher than average Ballistic skill
  • High tech, lots of TO camo, lots of visors, the best Tags, lots of remotes.
These chaps have the best shooting capabilities and are very well equipped.  Can be expensive so may find themselves outnumbered and have weaker than average Doctors, Engineers, and hackers due to a lower Willpower.

Yu Jing
  • Higher than average close combat
  • Heavy infantry intensive
If you like power armour, fighting up close and personal and ninjas then these are for you.

  • Higher than average Willpower
  • Good doctors, regeneration, climbing, impersonators, fairly cheap troops
These are the guys that keep on coming, cheap so good numbers of troops that can get back up after injury and won’t run away easily.

  • Info war specialists
  • Great hackers, lots of repeaters/markers, remotes, TO camo and visors
These are the guys to run if you fancy high tech tricks and combos and shutting down the opponent’s tech.  I picked these guys up because hacking can be a very important part of the game.

  • Higher than average Physique
  • Low tech, cheap troops, immune to EM ammo and hackers, lots of basic camo, auto cannons, kilts, werewolves
This is the list if you like simple reliable tech and the ability to include cheap varied specialists.

Combined army
  • Good all round stats
  • Well equipped with the most unique skills and equipment. Sepsitor/plasma etc
  • Very well focused specialists but high points costs/low model count
This is the Faction if you like aliens and small elite lists.
  • The artificial intelligence faction, a great deal of access to technology and can be difficult to hit or kill. 
  • Units can jump between various forms to become a doctor one minute, an engineer another, and a camouflaged sniper. 
Generally speaking an aleph army will have fewer models, and therefor fewer orders to spend during their turn then some of the opposing factions.  Due to high point cost, lower order count, this faction is generally not the first choice for use in really low point demo games.

  • The most recent faction
  • Have symbiont armor, a parasite that protects its host and sometimes positively modifies their stat line.  
The range of current Tohaa units tends to suggest playing them as highly mobile fire suppression teams.  

So, there you have it!

You can find at least a couple GS patrons playing Infinity on Wednesdays up at the store.  Feel free to swing on in and see what Infinity looks like.  If you're ready to dive in, contact the staff at Gamers Sanctuary by stopping by or contacting them at info@thegamerssanctuary.com or 810.720.8280 to place your order.

Additional note: This is the kind of table Infinity was meant to be played on...

How freakin' cool is that?!


  1. You guys are not talking me into doing a Yu Jing army. No way, even though I've been looking at the website repeatedly for the last week. Defintely not getting into this game, which looks and sounds awesome, and has great looking minis. Yeah, think I'll pass on this inexpensive game with free rules...

    Damn it. I think I'm going to try Infinity.

    1. You can borrow my Yu Jing force if you want to "try before you buy" Phil and see if Yu Jing is the faction you really want to start with.