Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Wargamer Deep Thoughts - Paradigm Shift?

All through Adepticon weekend we saw so many different new games all over the place. We played through the 40k Team Tourney and Iron Arena for WM. We did a demo for Infinity and I watched a demo of Bolt Action. I even took in some Black Powder (Gettysburg!).

What I came away with, and what Dustin has really expressed to me, is perhaps we need to branch out some more. I know there is a lot of gnashing of teeth about starting new games, and I am THE WORST at keeping collections small, but perhaps having multiple small collections is much better than playing a few games from the same system every month?

Most of us in our group are super busy right now - work, kids, girlfriends, wives, RPGs, etc. A quick playing game is super valuable. Dreadball takes an hour at most to get a game in if you're not waffling the whole game. Infinity seems to go pretty quickly as it is very deadly. Necromunda goes really fast because, again, you have less models. Even Warmachine can take less time (we finished a hardcore tourney in 5 hours!).

I guess if I had a point to this article it is that my thoughts on wargaming may be changing. No longer will I be spending $2000 on one army and getting one, two, or three of every option. I think Cerberus and Dustin have great ideas with starting small armies and keeping them small. 


I look forward to us continuing to learn Infinity, finishing our Dreadball league, and trying out other things. Geneguard and I are going to get into some historical games for sure. Small, skirmish games like Bolt Action and SAGA have taken my eye. 

Yeah, sometimes that army may sit on the shelf for two or three months, but at the end of the day multiple small skirmish armies will still take up the same amount of room as one 40k army and you're rewarding game companies that are doing good things as opposed to bad things ($85 US DOLLARS).

George takes in some YouTube tutorials on how to play Infinity
This is definitely not a doom-gloom post - and I will definitely continue with 40k and Fantasy, but I think this summer will be the SUMMER OF SKIRMISH GAMES. What do you think?


  1. I agree completley.

    I'm lookig forward to playing Dreadball, I'm picking up a small crew for Malifaux. Should make for an interesting change of pace, and smaller collections!

  2. While I had higher hopes for the new Tau Codex, I am still interested in building up some of the new models and touching up some of my older models. I am still hoping we do Crusade of Fire. My WM/H Circle army is super fun to play and I am really enjoying painting those models. Infinity sounds cool but I really don't have interest in it right now.

  3. Smaller is better; good message. GW drew me in from board games to the tabletop, but that same company is pushing me back to board/card games (Dreadball, Unexploded Cow) and skirmish type games (Judge Dredd, Infinity). I just won't stomach $85 for the new rape-tastic hotness when I can get a entirely new army for Infinity for about the same price that will last me into the near future. Plus, the older I get... the less time I have to paint dozens and dozens of models to create a GW army I'd be proud of. I like the hobby side of things, but I also love to play games. Smaller gaming systems allow me to do both.

  4. I'll experiencing a 40K boost when the Eldar codex drops, but my interests now definitely lie with Infinity and Dreadball too. Of course, we will be expected to be running leagues for both Fantasy and 40K this summer at GS, so we won't be too far out of the loop.

  5. I say we pick one new game to get into and run with it this summer. That way we can really get an idea for how it runs, and it gives everyone else a little time to get into it.

    Board games I think could be exception because theyre self contained, but we could burn out if we try too many new table top games at once.

  6. I have really mixed opinions of this subject. Here are my thoughts in no particular order.
    1) I do enjoy trying new games. Dreadball and starting to get into Hordes.
    2) I eat, breath and love 40k. I love the books, I love the models, I love the game. For me its a Hobby. All these new games are just that games to me, and I love playing them but for me 40k is till my base and what I enjoy doing the most.
    3) I feel like the many games we all play don't do anything to unify our club. In a way (from my observation) I feel like our club is a bit more scattered and less unified then it used to be. Granted I was gone for over a year, but when our sole focus was 40k before I deployed it seemed we did more together. Got together at peoples houses, ran events, etc.
    4) In conclusion, I think its a good idea to have many interests as it keeps things fresh. But I think we could use a little more cohesiveness from a club perspective. If that means one game, or everyone focusing on a particular game for a certain time, or even just more attempts to get together on a regular basis then I'm all for it.

    1. While you were gone 4 children were born to club members :P We have had good turnout on Friday nights for WMH though! lol

    2. ...and at least one of us is trying to make a case for a 5th.

    3. I still stand by my comment regardless of how many children have been born. We could all benefit as a club getting behind one game for a period of time. The children just make it more difficult! BTW you all have cute babies. =)

    4. We were all fairly hardcore for 6th ed when it came out last year. You got back in the middle of that. The Slow Grow league and Adepticon were the culmination of months of devotion to 40k. Some of us want a break, that's all. As the blog's "Managing Editor", I will task you, Brother Jeremiah, with keeping the fires of eternal grimdark war burning for us! We'll be there when the time comes.

  7. Are you guys going to do a 40k tourney anytime in the next two months? Want to get another tourney in before I move.