Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thornwood Thursday - Starting My Hordes Army

Last week was the start of the latest Journeyman league at Gamer's Sanctuary for Warmahordes. I have a lot of hobby projects going on at the moment, but I somehow convinced myself to start something new. There was a lot of interest in this league with players starting new armies, so I decided to expand into the world of Hordes with the starter box for Circle Orboros. I actually ended up buying the 2-player box set which included two different faction starter sets and a nifty mini rulebook. It was too good of deal to pass up and helped make my choice of faction between Legion and Circle. I deemed Legion too close of play style to my Retribution army (shooting shenanigans) and felt that Circle offered me something new (teleporting shenanigans).

I got really excited with some of the basing offerings from Secret Weapon Miniatures for the start of this new army. Unfortunately, the Runic Mountain bases I wanted to use are only available in beveled, not rounded edge style. I was informed that rounded bases are required for "official" Warmahordes play. Oh well, I made due and now have a mix of the mesa and ruins bases that will work well.

The Journeyman league requires the use of the starter box minis for over half of the escalation.  The Circle starter is by no means bad, but I couldn't find many players having positive things to say about  the starting warlock, pKaya. Brother Jeremiah has a Circle army and I have faced pKaya in the past.   The starter set from the 2-player box had a nice bonus of a Winter Argus in place of one of the regular Argus (Argii?).  I got a bit lucky in my first two games and pulled out wins against two different Cryx players.  So far so good!

With the start of this new project, I find myself using new paints as well. I was skeptical about the P3 paint line before, but I now I really like them. The paints seem to have nice even texture and they seal a lot nicer than the GW Citadel pots. I made sure to paint her up with a nice red cloak and "hood" since she hangs out with big bad wolves.

I certainly haven't forgotten about my Retribution army.   My Hyperion Colossal has been great fun to play and I have recently changed to a new favorite caster.   With the two list formats at most tournaments, I almost always brought Rahn and Ravyn (or Ossyan) as my go-to casters.   However, recently I have found Kaelyssa is probably my best take all comers caster and she has proven to be great in the SR tournament scenarios.  I really only started even using her was because I was forced to from a previous Journeyman league.

Kaelyssa and Ravyn (with Hyperion) - Great Combo for me in 2 list tournaments

Maybe Kaya will become a reliable second caster for me if I ever play my Circle in a tournament.   Must be something special about 'K'?   

Thanks for reading.   Look for more posts as I continue to learn the Hordes game mechanics and Circle combo tricks!

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  1. Need to paint shifting stones ASAP. Activating rocks is a thing in a Circle army.