Thursday, November 15, 2012

Special Thanks to Fresh Coast 40k!

With the up-most sincerity I would like to thank all the members of Fresh Coast 40k for their most generous gift. As most of our readers know, the ever so classy members of Fresh Coast 40k went in together and purchased a gift for my returning home from Afghanistan. I choose to serve because I wanted the privilege to serve our wonderful Nation (I think politics is next). I deployed because that's what my country asked of me, and I would do it again no reward necessary.  However with that being said, I would like to say that this gift really moved me knowing that these fine gentlemen had me in their thoughts and appreciated the sacrifice. I will do my best to honor our gaming club by painting these to a high standard in a timely fashion. In addition, I will chronicle and blog the process.

To Adam, Brian, Phil, Josh, Michael, Bill, Dustin, Larry, Joe and but not least our sponsor Gamers Sanctuary, thank you!

Here is the large pile of Necrons I will be tackling. I'm really excited about the endeavor. One of the biggest disappointments of my Blood Angels is I have literally painted them over the course of twelve years and they vary in shades of red, gloss and skill. I am going to attempt to paint all these Necrons in a large assembly line fashion. I will build them all, prime everything boltgun metal, airbrush rust effects on, ink them, then finally do details and source lighting. 

I am asking for any suggestions regarding speed painting, painting Necrons and source lighting skills. I'm all ears!


  1. Politics is next! Oh man, once you go down that road, there's no going back - trust me....

    Let me know if you want any painting tips on any of that glorious plastic and resin.

  2. Dude welcome back. When I got out the folks that had my back were the guys from the gaming shop. We are all closer than folks think.

  3. Glad you made it back safe Jeremy. Enjoy the wecome back crons :o) I have a request though. Blood Angels + Necron brofist + dead Tyranids diarama.

  4. I'll drink to that! Welcome back Jeremy!