Sunday, November 4, 2012

Foodhammer: a Video Diary

I spent most of the day at Foodhammer with my cameras in hand.

I got some awesome footage of some of the best armies on display, captured some incredible gaming moments, and, most importantly, saw everyone having fun!

Best painted 40K army of the day!  Great use of drybrushing for the rust effect and AWESOME use of source lighting on all the green.

Not crazy about the purple, but the source lighting technique was excellent!

Da Red Barun!

A shot of Scott's "Ultramarines".

Scott's spectacular Captain.  He still insists he needs to "finish" it, but I thought it was the single best painted model of the day.

Some old school Squats (my first 40k models, incidentally) subbing for some Ratlings. 

I also made a terrain making tutorial before the event.  I hope to inspire some of you out there to build your own terrain.  Get your whole group involved and share it with your gaming community.

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  1. Awesome event! It was great to see so many players come out for a great cause!