Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Chaos Space Marine Nurgle Sorcerer on Snailanquin

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I've had a small force of Chaos Space Marines for a while now. I basically have a ton of plague marines and plastic Chaos Space Marines painted in a 'nurgle marine' scheme. I base coat them with Army Painter spray in a sickly green / yellow color and then paint their weapons, trim, etc. then dip.

I have a few vehicles painted and some terminators with FW upgrades. I also painted my FW Nurgle dread... helbrute.

I have a defiler, two forgefiends, and a heldrake in the hopper to paint at some point. I imagine I'll do that for   an escalation league we're planning in 2013. I really dig the new Chaos SM codex and how much you can do with it... you can really make things your own.

Speaking of, I've decided the new dude who will be my Warlord is my FW Chaos Sorcerer. I had on my desk for a long time. He's a very very detailed model. I've painted a ton of Legion of Everblight, Tyranids, Space Marines, and Beastmen lately and they're mostly just easy to paint. This guy has a ton of detail and I was intimidated. In the end I went with a simple scheme (dip, like the rest of my CSM). If you check the Forge World page he isn't painted in a super detailed way anyway.

I wanted this dude to survive a lot of punishment and be able to cast spells, so I decided to put him on a palanquin (pronounced palan-keen). With mark of Nurgle he'll have 3 attacks and four wounds at toughness five. Throw on a Sigil of Corruption and he has a 4+ invulnerable save. Throw in a spell familiar and he can re-roll psychic tests (and he has two nurglings on him to be those familiars!). He can look out sir vindicator hits and hopefully survive to lead the army.

+ HQ + (225pts)
    * Sorcerer (225pts)
        Blight Grenades, Gift of Mutation, Mark of Nurgle, 2x Mastery Levels, Sigil of corruption, Spell Familiar, Veterans of the Long War
        * Power Armor
            Bolt Pistol, Force Stave
        * Palanquin of Nurgle

So how did I model the palanquin? I saw a sweet Chaos Snail made by Scibor on CMON's site so I decided to grab that dude. If you're not in for the huge snail you might try their nightmare fuel snails:

So this is my dude before paint:

I added the chains so he could rein in his super speedy snail and keep it from eating plague marines.

The painted dude:

I put him on an oval base because that made the most sense for the snail's size. I added water effects from Secret Weapon Miniatures to make it look like the snail left a slime trail. He's pretty disgusting.

I feel like that maw definitely reflects the +1 attack from a palanquin.

Closeup of the slime trail. He's a nasty dude

These are some closeups of the sorcerer himself. You can see the nurgling on his shoulder and at his left foot.  I tried going with an overall disgusting nurgle-fied look with some open sores and some armor decoration. I have a little cleanup to do but overall he's pretty much done and will fit in with my dirty looking plague marines.


  1. SWEET! The large base might have an adverse affect on you in game, but it looks freaking AWESOME!

  2. That is too cool. The nurgle sorcs arm lends itself well to the chain, too. I just painted one of those, so I know what you mean about the model. I kept coming back to it and would find another hour's work every time.

  3. That is completely vile and disgusting. In other words, it's totally perfect!

    Love how that came together - keep up the fantastic work!

  4. Great model/conversion!!!, a little big game-wise even for a palanquin conversion but its worth the result