Saturday, October 27, 2012

Steampunk Saturday - Trollblood Fennblades

Today's article will be short and sweet, because I'm super tired from an all-day terrain session in preparation for Foodhammer. (It's next week! If you play 40k or WFB, you should go!) But in my limited spare time during the super busy fall semester, I've managed to paint one of the most iconic Trollblood units- the Fennblades.

Troll Fennblades are an amazing unit, and are generally considered one of the top choices to take in the faction. An infantry unit that can be either 6 or 10 dudes, they trade some armor for additional speed, making them faster than almost all other Trollbloods. But what really makes them shine are their blades- they give Reach, meaning they have a 2" melee range. Super awesome. In addition, they have Vengeance, meaning if you take one or more out, they get to make a short move and make an attack in their Maintenance phase. This makes them even quicker to get up the board.

Their unit attachment (the drummer and officer in the center), make them even more bashy. The drummer gives extra command range to the unit leader, meaning they can spread out even more. Useful with a unit of 12 medium based dudes! The officer himself though is just plan badass. He gives the unit Set Defense, making charge attacks against them take a significant penalty to hit. In addition, he has a mini-feat (once per game special action) that gives his unit Fearless, Terror, Pathfinder, and +2" of movement if they charge. So good!

Altogether, these guys are a super fast unit  that can tie up and mince all sorts of infantry, though they're best kept away from stuff with high armor. Add in some speed or defense buffs from casters like Jarl or Borka, and they become even more amazing.

I got to break these guys in last night. Since the game will be in a video batrep soon, I'll save the details but unfortunately they lived up to my tradition of having newly painted models not perform.

That's it for now. Thanks for checking my stuff out, and hope to see many of you at Foodhammer next week!

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