Monday, October 29, 2012

Podcasts You Should Listen To - Fall 2012 Edition

In the past I've shared the list of podcasts I listen because I feel like there are a lot of hobbyists who don't take advantage of the great resources available on the web. I have a 45 minute commute (one way) so I get a lot of podcast time in. I use Doggcatcher to collect the RSS feeds on my phone. Listening to all these podcasts will help you keep up on new releases and alternate models as well as new tactics and hobby projects!

Here is the list of wargaming related podcasts I currently listen to, sorted by category:

Warmachine / Hordes:
Focus and Fury - A page 5 podcast. Opinionated and lewd, heh. They provide great insights into the game while sometimes being a little in-jokey. They also use the word "legit" at least 4500 times an episode. Great for trying to learn high-level play of WMH. They have currently bought their own store so they haven't produced many episodes recently.

Muse on Minis - A very prolific podcast from the dudes in Iowa. I would say this is very much more forgiving for a beginner (or permanoob such as myself) than F&F because they do go to lengths to explain things more. This has really been my go-to to get current on new casters and how to play higher level WMH.

- They also put a few other podcasts into their feed. The best one of these is The Mutineer Chronicles, an IKRPG podcast. I love this because we are getting into IKRPG soon.

Chain-Attack - They do matchups between two casters for each episode. These are shorter episodes which is nice. I really like this podcast because one of the main ways to get better at the game is to learn how each caster works. Highly recommended. Go back and find the ones they did on your favorite casters.

Warhammer Fantasy:

Garagehammer - These guys provide a great podcast that really covers all facets of the hobby. They are hilarious, too. They're from the Chicagoland area so they're Midwesterners. This podcast can run long so it'll take a few commutes to listen to it all.

The Bad Dice Podcast - A UK podcast. I don't listen to many UK podcasts just because a lot of them have terrible sound and sometimes it is very hard to understand through thick accents, but this one really hits what I want to listen to.

Skull Bros Awesome! - Another crude podcast that is focused around bro-dom. I enjoy it because it seems like some of the bros are at the same stage of life as me and hearing how they cope is great. They also talk quite a bit about the different ways to play Warhammer and I enjoy it. This one makes me laugh a lot.

Ohiohammer - Another midwestern Fantasy podcast that really sets the bar high. They do a lot of tourney talk and how to build lists. The main host, Andrew, owns 15 armies I believe... all except for one. They do quite a few interviews which really helps me - I love hearing different viewpoints.

Warhammer 40k:
Second Founding - An offshoot of Ohiohammer that has recently taken on its own identity. These guys are from the Toledo area and will be at Foodhammer. They have produced episodes with quite different takes on the hobby and different viewpoints. I really like that as it isn't just the same as everything else.

11th Company Podcast - If you're into tournaments this is your podcast. I admit I sometimes fast forward through tournament reports because I am just not a tournament gamer, but I really enjoy the codex reviews and the interviews by Pat.

The Independent Characters - A very professional, well-produced podcast. I haven't really listed these in any order but if there was one podcast I had to measure all of them by this would be it. Carl, Geoff and Zach do a great job. Listen to this podcast. 'Nuff said.

World's End Radio - An Australian podcast. They also have a different take on the hobby and their accents aren't too hard to listen to. I admit I fast forward during local tourney reports because I just don't care about the Australian tournament scene, but they have quite a lot of great content.

The Heroic 28s - I've been listening to this one (and TICs) since their inception. They've recently brought on a new co-host who is great (Fu Manchu). They do awesome codex reviews and I love hearing a podcaster actually talk about TYRANIDS.


  1. Pointhammered is one of the best US Warhammer Fantasy Podcasts out there, and is done buy a couple of guys who win a lot of events and Best Painted awards. Great cast.

    1. I am gonna have to re-try that one. I think I listened to a couple and it just seems like there was a lot of wasted time and in-jokes. Perhaps I am thinking of a different one.

  2. Thanks for the incredible endorsement Michael!