Saturday, September 29, 2012

Steampunk Saturday - Mulg the Ancient

For this week's article, I'm featuring one of my favorite models in the WarmaHordes line: Mulg!

Mulg is considered by Trollblood scholars to be the most ancient and deadly dire troll in existence. It's theorized that his bloodline is represented in most of the other dire trolls in existence today, making them all that much more fearsome.

Mulg is a beatstick of a model in game. He's the only Trollblood heavy beast with reach, making him super valuable. He's slow, but has ways of improving his speed. For example, if damaged by an enemy, he gets +2 SPD next turn! He has a high MAT, helping ensure he'll hit, and not surprisingly a super high Pow + Str on that reach club and open fist of his. With a Fury of 5, he can pulp anything in the game in one round, if necessary, though a buff like Rage would certainly make that a little more certain.His animus, Runebreaker, stops spellcasting in his admittedly small command range. Situationally useful, but nice when you need it. He has Protective Feat, meaning if you damage his warlock, he's coming after whoever did it! Finally, he has the usual regeneration and snacking abilities of all heavy troll beasts.

Mulg plays nice with most casters, but goes best with Hoarluk Doomshaper (especially his epic version). His affinity with Doomy gives him yet another attack, making him an effective Fury 6! Of course Mulg is a character model, and is restricted to one list in a multi-list tourney environment.

Despite being a giant HEAVY lump of metal, I really enjoyed painting Mulg. I wish the rocks had come out a little less dark, and his skin a little more dark, but all in all I am happy with how he came out. Photographing blue is very challenging, but I'm quite happy with the highlighting on his flesh that can't be seen since blue gets blown out in pictures.

Unfortunately I haven't been able to get a game in quite some time, best Mulg most assuredly will be getting used the next time I play! That's it for me, thanks for checking out my post!

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