Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hobby Update - More Dark Elves

With the end of our first 6th edition 40k campaign, I needed a switch from painting power armor.  It was time to get back to my Dark Elves.  Painting a Fantasy army has been a long term project for me, but I get a lot done when I focus on it.  All the 6th edition 40k we've been playing lately has made me eager to get to Fantasy again.  8th edition Fantasy has a lot of similarities to 6th edition 40k (random charges, overwatch/stand-and-shoot, etc).  The last game of WHF I played was over two months ago when I fielded a list with the most awesome model ever.  Michael and I talked last week about playing Fantasy tonight so I decided to get some painting done this past weekend.   Incoming pictures (warning: potential NSFW images).

I have missed the last few WHF tournaments at GS.   I had some success in past tournaments but only because I took the popular (and newbie friendly) Dark Elf combos.   My basic goal is to get more painting done for each monthly tournament, whether I am able to play in it or not.

Michael had a good suggestion before about getting some unit fillers so I dug through my bits and terrain boxes looking for inspiration.   I found a couple of resin, Gothic statues that I had left over from our 40k Space Hulk terrain board we did last year.    I got them from Naloomi's Workshop, a local Michigan hobbyist.   The statues work great as they fit on four small square bases.   I picked up some new basing material because I have been using the same boring burnt grass for years.  

I also finished up painting my command group and front rank for my Blackguard.   So 6 out of 15 done, just need to finish basing.   The unit fillers can help me run a max unit (20) if desired.

I also touched up and finished painting my favorite looking unit, 10 Cold One Knights.   Internet wisdom says Cavalry aren't that great in 8th, but I have had a lot of success running this unit.

Lastly, I picked up the metal version of Morathi before the ($$$) Finecast version was released.   Special characters in Fantasy seem way over costed, even more than anything in 40k.  I was planning on using the model as a more useful counts-as Sorceress or Dreadlord with a Pegasus mount.   But for tonight, I think I'll try Morathi out for fun.   Strategy spoiler - distract beastmen with boobs, then rip out their hearts!

Move over Sanguinary Guard, Morathi is the "original" Nipple Wing

That's it for now.   Thanks for viewing!