Monday, September 17, 2012

Death Company, Transports, Jump Packs, and Chaplains

We welcome a guest article by Joe Harter from 40k Fight Club.

A couple weekends ago at Muggins' Birthday Bash I broke out the Flesh Tearers for the first time in 6th Edition. I had a very enjoyable and very close game against Tau4Eva and his Blood Angels. In 5th I traditionally used an eight man unit in a rhino, usually with an attached Chaplain for the added benefits of re-rolling missed hits and wounds if they assaulted.

This past game because of being shy on points I only used seven and did not include the Chaplain. The lack of a Chaplain did not really hurt me as much as it should have, thanks to good rolls, and I do plan on including one again - and this actually leads into why I think I may change to running my Death Company with Jump Packs again.

In 5th Edition Jump Packs were for the most part very over priced options at 15 points each when you went above the base three model unit size. Transport vehicles did the same job for cheaper and gave the added protection of shielding the unit from small arms fire as well as plasma, melta, and lascannon shots that they would not get FNP against. In 6th Edition we get FNP against plasma which is quickly becoming the new load out with the changes to rapid fire rules.

The new transport rules though effectively take away 2-3 turns of assault from your Death Company unless you take a Land Raider. You need to have more than 15 Death Company before a Land Raider becomes
cheaper than Jump Packs for the unit. With the Land Raider only available as a dedicated transport it may also lose the ability to be a denial unit for Linebreaker, I’m not 100% sure of that since Land Raiders are special when it comes to transports.

Jump Packs give back that second turn assault that we could get in 5th, plus the added benefit of Hammer of Wrath attacks. With the change to rage that gives a potential for Six attacks on a charge. Another benefit to going with Jump Packs, add in Lemartes as an upgrade to the unit and save the HQ slot for a Librarian or an Elite slot for another Furioso.

Since I’ve mentioned Lemartes, why would you take him over a normal elite level or HQ Chaplain? He costs 150 points, 25 points more than an elite level Chaplain with Jump Pack with an almost identical stat line. Lemartes is an Initiative 6 compared to Inititative 4, but that is not all you get for 25 extra points. He also gets rage, so he gets +2 attacks on the charge, he gets FNP, and the hidden gem is the Strength and Attack increase to 5 when he takes an unsaved wound.

With overwatch and Look out sir! Shenanigans you could get potentially 8 attacks at initiative 6 with an 8 strength thanks to his Crozius and Furious charge. Not many characters would be willing to accept a challenge from him with those numbers.

Below is the re-worked list from last game that changes out the Rhino for jump packs, and adds Lemartes. Seth is a purely personal choice, I like him, and I know there are probably more cost efficient HQ’s.

Flesh Tearers 1850 (1850pts)
1850pt Blood Angels 5th Edition Roster (Standard)


HQ (335pts)
•Gabriel Seth (160pts)
•Librarian (175pts)
Epistolary (50pts), Shield of Sanguinius, The Sanguine Sword
oPower Armour (25pts)
Bolt Pistol, Jump Pack (25pts)

Elites (260pts)
•Furioso Dreadnought (135pts)
oBlood Talon with built-in Meltagun

•Furioso Dreadnought (125pts)
oBlood Fist with built-in Meltagun

Troops (1120pts)
•Assault Squad (215pts)
9x Assault Marines (162pts), Retain Jump Packs
oVeteran Sergeant (53pts)
Bolt Pistol, Power Fist (25pts)

•Assault Squad (155pts)
4x Assault Marines (72pts), Meltagun (10pts)
Razorback (20pts)
oTwin Linked Heavy Bolter
oVeteran Sergeant (53pts)
Bolt Pistol, Power Fist (25pts)

•Death Company (435pts)
7x Bolt Pistol, 5x Chainsword, Lemartes (150pts), Power Fist (25pts), Power Sword
o7x Death Company Marine (245pts)
7x Jump Pack (105pts)

•Death Company Dreadnought (135pts)
Blood Talons, Replace Storm Bolter with Heavy Flamer (10pts)

•Tactical Squad (180pts)
Missile Launcher, Plasmagun (10pts), 9x Tactical Marine (144pts)
Veteran Sergeant (26pts)
oBolt Pistol, Chainsword

Heavy Support (135pts)
•Predator (135pts)
Autocannon, Lascannon (65pts)


  1. Death Company and Chaplains go together like chocolate and peanut butter...mmm. How about dropping the Epistolary and run a Sanguinary priest? Also, Blood talons cost the same as Blood Fists on the Furiosos (Except on Contemptors)

  2. The 135 point elite Furioso also has a heavy flamer that for some reason did not get listed. Not really feeling the Priests anymore but thinking of dropping the Epistolary to a standard libby and removing the tac squad to put in my Storm Raven and upgrade the Razorback weapon.

  3. Don't you feel light on troops for scoring? I think I would drop the Librarian totally and add some more jump marines and a couple more melta guns.

    I have been trying some Death Company with bolters in a Storm Raven. Trading one attack for a bolter is worth it to me, since they can pick at guys from 24" if no one is in charge range and can rapid fire into assault with relentless.