Saturday, August 18, 2012

Steampunk Saturday - Summer Rampage Paintin' and Playin'

I painted up some stuff in preparation for today's Summer Rampage event. Pics and thoughts about the event after the jump.

First up, stuff I painted in preparation for the Summer Rampage event. Since this event emphasized beasts and jacks, I had to paint up our premier beast caster, Epic Doomshaper. His spells and feat are all about buffing his beasts or messing with an opponent's beasts (meaning he is somewhat less effective against Warmachine, technically). His feat is the real ballbuster here- +3 Speed to all beasts starting in his control area, and they can charge/trample/slam without gaining Fury. Super awesome! Add his upkeep spell Wild Aggression (melee attacks are all boosted, as well as free c/t/s all the time), maybe a damage buff animus, and you've got a guided missile of a heavy beast that will kill nearly anything.

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Albino = shaman for Trollbloods, incidentally although several casters do not display the trait. Doomshaper seemed to have lost more color going from Prime to Epic form. (The pic at the top of this post is his Prime version.) To be honest I don't like how the model came together. Too much brown, and also not stoked on the albino skin results. Ah well. I try not to obsess on my Trollbloods the way I do on 40k stuff. So I'll just let it go so I can move on to other stuff. Speaking of...

Next, I painted a Feralgeist. It's just a little 1pt solo that can possess a warbeast that has just been killed. It can then move, attack, etc but loses the beast's animus, can't be forced to charge/boost/etc. Basically it can act as an annoyance until your opponent devotes resources to killing it (meaning magical weapons essentially, not always easy to come by.)

This got painted super quickly the night before Summer Rampage. And I never even used it. Oh well, it's nice to have another 1pt solo other than Swamp Gobbers, to fill out lists with a point left over.

This last dude wasn't specifically done for Summer Rampage, but I just finished him. The Stone Scribe Chronicler is another support solo for Trollbloods. He exhorts units of Trollbloods to win using famous stories from their past. He can provide concealment and Feign Death (knockdown models can't be targeted at range), bonuses to dudes attacking near friendly beasts, or cause enemies that kill an effected model to be knocked down. Basically he has options to make tarpits even more annoying and tarpit like.

Thoughts on Summer Rampage

For it being my first time using Epic Doomshaper, I think I did ok. I lost my first game to a wall of heaivly armored Khador jacks. I could have had a chance, but split my beasts up too much and also blocked a charge lane during my feat turn, meaning it was much less effective. Next I played a Retribution player. I tabled him but he was a super good sport about it. He had a pretty good assassination run on my caster, but got diced. On my turn I feated myself and just wrecked face with heavies everywhere. Last game was against Cygnar, played by our own Cerberus.  I'll leave the results of that to the video report he'll be posting. But it was a super fun game!

All in all it was a fun day even if I only got to play three games. That's more in one day than I've played in ages so I won't complain. The rules made for some fun games with lots of beasts and jacks, special bounties to win points towards, etc. I definitely encourage people to try the event out at your own LGS.

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