Friday, August 17, 2012

Gencon Day 1

Hey all, I am here at Gencon 2012 in Indianapolis. It has been many years since I have been to Gencon.  It has really grown since the last time I attended! There are a lot of people crammed into this convention center. Gamers of all types have made the pilgrimage from all around the country.   It has even made the local news here.   Just posting a few highlights.   Unfortunately, I seemed to spend a lot of time in lines today, either registering or trying to buy Gencon exclusive items.   I expect to make better use of my time tomorrow.    Day 1 highlights incoming...

I got signed up for the Privateer Press Iron Arena. It is a really cool format where you gain points for completing goals as you play pickup games on some pretty cool terrain. You get points for different game sizes, playing people from different states, painted army, etc. Hopefully I will have enought points at the end to cash in for some goodies. I only managed to get in one game so far but it was on the premier scenic table. I met the fully painted requirement to play on it, and I received a lot of compliments on my painting for my Retribution army.  I seemed to be the only person playing Ret that I saw.   Legion seemed to be really popular at this event at the time I was playing.

The exhibitor hall was really packed full of people and most of the big companies had lines to just get in to buy stuff.  Apparently they got rid of the SWAG bag this year and replaced it with a coupon book with exhibitor freebies.  While I was waiting in line at the Privateer Press booth, I did get to see a lot of their really nicely painted models.  

Of course, Role Playing Games still dominate the scene. We are planning on playing D&D 5th edition (D&D Next?) tomorrow in their demo hall.

I did stop by the Game's Workshop / Forge World booth and gave them a piece of mind about not replying to my emails. Tomorrow I'll probably stop by and give them a piece of my wallet too. Last but not least, I talked with the Armybuilder guys about sixth edition 40k. Apparently they are supporting it going forward. I asked about a mobile app and apparently it's in the works after they release their Herolab app. That's it for now. I'll have another write up when I get back.


  1. Awesome stuff! I'll be there next year. Those boards are so amazing. Iron Arena = the bomb.

  2. Gencon 2k13 or bust. This is happening, dammit.

  3. I want to go to GenCon, my life will not be complete until I visit Nerdvana. I've been hearing about a lot of new cool stuff that Paizo (Pathfinder) is releasing in conjunction with this, and well...I just really want to see some more nerd cosplay to be honest.

  4. Oh, is Fantasy Flight Games there? They seem to be going full steam ahead with their Star Wars stuff now that they have the license. Hopefully they don't neglect the 40K RPG lines.

  5. Awesome! Do you have any more photos of the premier scenic table??