Sunday, April 29, 2012

Model Swap Month - Tau4eva's Ethereal

A curious Tau model arrived in my mailbox a couple of weeks ago.  The photo on the front of the Finecast model package showed an Ethereal HQ model with a deep blue robe and medium blue skin.

After nosing around through photos of Tau4eva’s models I decided to deviate from the package paint suggestions and lean towards Tau4eva’s paint palette.  I kept the medium blue skin but exchanged the deep blue robe for flowing desert colored robes (dark colors hold in too much heat in the savannah!).

I trimmed the Finecast model and then examined it for air bubbles and miscast.  Sadly, lots of air bubbles were present in the model and had to be filled with green stuff to make it presentable.  The large miscast on the weapon blade edge could be hidden by clever use of highlights.

To allow him to stand above the troops and lead for the greater good, I mounted him on a small piece of slate.

Using the P3 painting DVD as my guide (excellent purchase) I went after recessed areas first, which meant the face and arms.  I also made continuous use of the P3 Wet Palette box.

The wash recipe from the DVD:  4 drops mixing medium + 3 Brushes of water + 1 Brush of paint. 
A quick, repeatable wash from any paint.

Primer –
Krylon white primer

Skin –
Basecoat: P3 Trollblood Base
Highlights:  P3 Underbelly Blue
Wash:  P3 Cygnar Blue Base (wash recipe)

Eyes –
Socket: P3 Thamar Black
Eyeball: P3 Menoth White
Center of Eye: P3 Sanguine Highlight

Mouth --
Base: P3 Sanguine Highlight
Teeth: P3 Menoth White Highlight
Wash:  P3 Flesh Wash

Hair –
Basecoat: P3 Sulfuric Yellow
Highlight: P3 Sulfuric Yellow + P3 Morrow White
Wash: P3 Beast Hide (wash recipe)

Robe adornments –
Basecoat: P3 Khador Red Base
Highlight: P3 Khador Red Highlight
Wash: P3 Khador Red Base + P3 Sanguine Highlight (wash recipe)

Gems –
Base: P3 Brass Balls
Gems: P3 Cygnar  Base Blue
Highlight: P3 Underbelly Blue

Robe –
Base:  P3 Menoth White
Hightlight: P3 Menoth White Hightlight
Wash: P3 Rucksack Tan (wash recipe)

Crest --
Base: P3 Bloodtracker Brown
Main Crest: P3 Rhulic Gold
Crest Highlight: P3 Solid Gold
Crest Stripe: P3 Khador Red Base
Highlight: P3 Khador Red Highlight
Wash: P3 Khador Red Base + P3 Sanguine Highlight (wash recipe)
Stripe Outline: P3 Thamar Black
Crest Gem Base: P3 Rhulic Gold
Crest Gem Highlight: P3 Solid Gold

Weapon –
Shaft: P3 Thamar Black
Blade: P3 Pig Iron
Blade Highlight: P3 Quicksilver
Blade Runes: P3 Rhulic Gold
Wash: P3 Armor Wash

Base Slate Stone –
Base: P3 Beast Hide
Highlight: P3 Hammerfall Khaki
Wash: P3 Bloodtracker Brown (wash recipe)
Hoof (left foot) –
Base: P3 ‘Jack Bone
Highlight: P3 Menoth White Highlight
Wash: P3 Hammerfall Khaki (wash recipe)

Scenic Tuft –
Army Painter Battlefields 6mm “Jungle Tuft”
 - Secured with clear Elmers glue
And the results!!

The Tau Ethereal was a nice break from painting metallic Necrons and metallic Cryx!


  1. Looks good. Since you used P3 paints, does that mean my Ethereal gets Focus or Fury each turn? Hopfully Ethereal's will get a boost in the next codex. But I am looking forward to getting him some play time before then.

  2. I think the Ethereal should be able to leach Fury from his troops (Warmachine/Hordes reference)!

    What does an Ethereal do for the Tau?

    Let me know if he makes it to the game table!

  3. Looks awesome! Great in-depth guide. I didn't know Taus had hair - do you think he could have a beard too? That would look hilarious, lol.

  4. With green stuff on-hand anything is possible. Since he has hooves in place of feet, perhaps a goatee would be approprate?!