Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Model Swap Month - Phil's Black Legion

For our model swap project, I drew Phil's Black Legion marine with a missile launcher.  It seemed fitting that I would draw him as a good chunk of my Eldar force was generously gifted to me by the Warmaster himself.  Time for some measure of payback.

Anyone who has seen Phil's army in person can attest to how well his technique adheres to the GW "Chapter Approved" look.  His army looks like it came straight out of the Chaos Marine Codex.  I figured this would be my opportunity to use my own quick and dirty style to replicate it with little fuss.  The model he chose is worth noting as it is the only marine in his collection equipped with a heavy weapon, something my own squads never leave home without.

Emperor protect this!!!

(Note, until I get used to the new colors, I will refer to everything by their old names. Do your own homework!)  Starting with a Chaos Black base coat over the entire model, I painted the weapons and trim on the armor with my standard Boltgun Metal base and Shining Gold accents.  Bronzed Flesh for the face and some Knarlock Green, Bleached Bone, and Mecharite Red for accent colors, and it was almost complete.  My standard Devlan Mud wash over the whole thing and it had that depth of shading and aged look to the metal that I wanted.  A quick Codex Grey drybrush over the black for highlighting finished the painting.

I applied my simple basing scheme (Snakebite Leather, hobby sand, and static grass) and it was done.  It took no time at all and looks great on the table.  Will it win any awards?  Doubtful.  However, as I have said often, I am a gamer first and a painter second.

Next up, the Star Phantoms roll into GS for Saturday's tournament COMPLETELY PAINTED!



  1. Ha! I knew you could do it. He looks nice and grungy from slogging through the trenches. The flesh is a little rough (I knew you hated painting skin, so I picked a bare head just to give you challenge/irritate you) but Tallarn Flesh can touch it up a bit. Other than that, I'll put him on the table as is.

    Coming soon - Mike's Lictor is finished save for the base. Will post pics and an article soon!

    1. The head was the worst part! It looks too tanned for a soul given up to Chaos. I also had a small brush snafu; I grabbed the wrong one when I started the wash and accidentally scraped some of the basecoat off. I had to retouch it after it dried.

  2. Well done! Looks ready to cause mayhem!!