Saturday, February 18, 2012

Steampunk Saturday: KR Multicase Followup

Last week, I posted a review of my new Kaiser 2 case from KR Multicase. I forwarded the review to the fine people at KR Multicase, which you can find after the jump.

"Many thanks for the review, I enjoyed reading it, I appreciate the time you have taken to prepare it, it will be a great help to other gamers. It is nicely written, and I think there are a couple of points worth mentioning, you can post them/edit them as suits, no worries either way. On the subject of the 40mm bases in the 32mm trays, the tray base being the same material as the tray itself means that the base can stick out with no damage, and that enables you to get much more in a small space, the soft foam can effectively hold the figures too. The general way most people put multiple figures with 40mm bases in the F3H tray is to alternate them head to toe, that means the compartments are squeezed/stretched alternately - works well for GW space marine terminators too!
The pick&pluck is our unique segmented design as it adds strength to the over all tray. Other "cubed" designs do not give any strength across the tray. You are spot on that a snip of the dividing wall with scissors to create a large compartment is just what it is designed to do, the wall can be removed from the base just as you have done.
The one comment by a reader so far indicates issues for the 40mm bases, the F3H is fine for them as above, and for an exact fit the 40mm (D format) pick&pluck is perfect, and for 50mm bases the J-pick&pluck is ideal - though of course you can combine them to suit your needs"

First off, big thanks to KR for their response. It's really refreshing to see a company that is so responsive to their customer base! I can attest that this is certainly not an isolated example, either. The folks at KR have always responded quickly and politely- which I hear is not the case with other mini case companies.

KR's response re: the pluck foam confirmed what I expected- that the walls are in place to provide further rigidity. I have noticed that the KR foam does have more give or flexibility when picking it up (especially when it's full of metal models), so the extra support is certainly needed.

Regarding the issue with 40mm based infantry, I have to admit that I am not 100% sold on their explanation and justification. I appreciated the tip about alternating the orientation of the minis. But I still feel like that doesn't change the issue that many 40mm infantry models just don't work in those 32mm trays. I'm hopeful we'll someday see another pre-cut tray that better fits larger infantry pieces.

Again just to be clear these are relatively minor quibbles. Overall I'm super pleased with the product and will certainly look to KR for all my future transport needs. Thanks again to KR for their comments.

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