Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New Tyranid Models - Worth the Wait?

I ranted about 6 months ago about how badly the Tyranids needed new models. The model lineup is great, but has huge holes in extremely important places. Today we've seen leaked photos of upcoming models that makes this hive overlord extremely happy.

The Models.


 They definitely took a 'hierophant' look for these new models. I really like the rupture cannon, looks great. I am definitely digging the overall look. I'll get one of these at least. I like the look of the assault shooty gun on the second pic - looks like basically a shield with little spores coming out.


The most important model to come out for tyranids? Definitely the tervigon. I love the model look - babies coming out, ready to fight. Again I'm digging the hierophant look to it. I'll get two of these at least.

Hive Tyrant / Swarmlord

I don't know what it is, but I am not digging the wings for this model. I also don't really need a Swarmlord, so I doubt I'll pick up one of these anytime soon. It looks to be the same hive tyrant that has been out for a while, although having it in plastic is huge.

The Prices.
Since the Finecast™ pricing debacle I've been very wary of new models from GW. GW's prices are rapidly approaching the break point for most hobbyists. The list of prices for Tyranid stuff:

Tyranid Hive Tyrant / The Swarmlord 3-Mar-12 $53.75 New Plastic
Tyranid Tyrannofex / Tervigon  3-Mar-12 $57.75 New Plastic
Tyranid Boneswords Pack 3 x 'Pair of Boneswords' 3-Mar-12 $19.75 New Resin
Tyranid Lash Whip & Bonesword Pack 3 x 'Lash Whip & Bonesword' 3-Mar-12 $19.75 New Resin
Deathleaper 1 Fig Box 3-Mar-12 $24.75 Repackaged Resin
Old One Eye 1 Fig Box 3-Mar-12 $41.25 Repackaged Resin
Tyranid Biovore 1 Fig Box 3-Mar-12 $41.25  Repackaged Resin
Tyranid Spore Mine Cluster 9 Fig Box 3-Mar-12 $24.75 Repackaged Resin
The Red Terror 1 Fig Box 3-Mar-12 $41.25 Repackaged Resin
Tyranid Ripper Swarm Brood 1 Base Clampack 3-Mar-12 $13.25 Repackaged Resin

The tervigon is a little less than a land raider, which is the worst. Tyranid players usually want to field two to three tervigons - most marine players are lucky to field one land raider. The Hive Tyrant is still overly pricey, but hardly anyone uses one anymore.

The boneswords and lash whip packs are extremely pricey as well. They should be plastic and come in three pair for $10 or so. Equipping a six man tyranid warrior squad with bone sword and lash whips would cost $124 for a 270 point troop unit. Absolutely terrible.

I'll definitely be picking up two tervigons and a tyrannofex when the models launch, and I'll definitely be picking up some bone sword packs for my shrikes... but man. GW can really grind your gears.


  1. Worth it. Those models are SWEET.

  2. They look appropiately big and scary. Looking forward to seeing them on the table.

    I hope when a new Tau codex drops, I don't have to wait years afterwards for key models....

  3. I look forward to mama Muggins herding these across the table

  4. I didn't see the Tervigon without the scything talons ... ok, it's even better looking than I thought, dammit!