Monday, October 10, 2011

New Fresh Coast 40k Blog Header Image

If you take a look up top you'll see our new blog header image for Fresh Coast 40k. Jeff Porter has created this for us and we love it.

Our new header!
You'll notice Salamander marines (geneguard's main army) fighting off hordes of genestealers, gargoyles, a harridan, hormagaunts, rippers,  and even a carnifex (Tyranids are my main army). A few Mantis Warriors (my new Space Marine army) are holding the line as well, practicing their bolter drill.

I've admired Jeff's art for a while. You may recognize his image of the carnifex overrunning Imperial lines. I actually printed this one out and I have it on my wall near my PC at home. The color is amazing.

The level of detail in this picture is mind boggling!

His site can be found here. His blog can be found here. I recommend going through both; he has done some amazing 40k art.

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