Thursday, October 6, 2011

Interview: Cowboy Kenny of The Heroic 28s Podcast

I had the pleasure of interviewing Cowboy Kenny of the Heroic 28s via email. You can find their site here. I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to their podcast - they stay on topic, they don't waste time with dick and fart jokes, they have a clear and organized agenda. I really like it! I would put it up there with The Independent Characters and 11th Company as the top 3 40k related podcasts.

Hi Kenny, first, can you introduce your podcast and tell us what your mission is with it?
Our podcast, the Heroic 28s, is a 40k centric podcast with a little bit of other game systems thrown in for variety.  We are based out of Dallas, TX and release every two weeks by late Monday-early Tuesday.  Our original mission of our podcast was to unify the community here in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex.  After seeing the majority of our listeners from other places in the world besides north Texas, our mission has become to be the most fun and well rounded 40k podcast on the internet. 

Who are the people who staff your podcast?
Our podcast was co-founded by myself, Cowboy Kenny and Uncle Buck.  I have trained myself in becoming the produced of our show.  Our staff used to include Newbie Nate, but he had to step down because of family and work.  He is still as much a part of the H28 family as much as any of my co-hosts and will make appearances when he can.  
Chem-Dog Cory joined the team on Episode 5 as a guest host.  Cory is a new player to the game, only having started in 5th Edition.  The Stig was added on Episode 6 and has fulfilled the role as veteran and all-around knowledge based gamer playing many various gaming systems.  
Sandman Mike was added on Episode 14, as he is a big player in our gaming group, winning multiple local tournaments and placing high in GTs he brings a very tactical aspect to the podcast.

What armies do you play?
Kenny- Tyranids, Space Wolves/Chaos Space Marines (Dark Wolves), Orks
Uncle Buck- Grey Knights
Cory- Eldar, Ravenguard
The Stig- IG, Orks, Blood Angels, Dark Eldar
Mike- Eldar, Grey Knights

What other games do you play besides 40k?
The majority of us play Warmachine/Hordes as a second game, Buck and Cory play WHFantasy as well, and Stig is into Dystopian Wars, Helldorado, and has started in Malifaux.

What has been your experience lately with Tyranids?
Fifth Edition codex was not bad in its initial release.  When the FAQ was released, the codex really got screwed.  Now the codex has been pushed to having very mono-builds to make them competitive. These mono-builds all include 1-2 Tervigons, 1-2 Trygons, Gargoyles, and a BUTTLOAD of genestealers.  With additional now of Grey Knights, the Tyranids have been even harder to play, there is almost now room for error and your dice need to be on your side.

What do you think GW could do to fix Tyranids?
GW could remove the rule of not allowing Shadow in the Warp to affect psykers in transports. Allowing Warrior Primes to enter play attached to squads in Mycetic Spores. Allowing units who took Mycetic Spores as Dedicated Transports to start the game on the board and not enter via deep strike.  Make Mycetic Spores toughness 5 and tyranid warriors T5 and 2W.  Lastly, give Synapse creatures some kind of invul save.

Can you tell us a little about the Railhead Rumble?
The Railhead Rumble 2012 is 1850 6-round GT in Dallas, TX at the A-Kon Convention June 1st-3rd. We have room for 60 players and will have a tournament for Warmachine/Hordes as well.  First round is a seeding day and will allow people who may not be "as good" or others or maybe had a day of bad dice to play others of like skill/luck.  Prizes are awarded to both brackets.

Is there anything else you'd like to tell the world?
The Heroic 28s have noticed a veritable rise in popularity and we cannot say "Thank You" enough to all of our listeners.  From the bottom of all our hearts we offer so much thanks and gratitude to everyone.  Please continue to listen as we grow and be apart of our podcast as we make it the best on the web!

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  1. Cool interview. Despite the lack of a Tau player among them, I'll give them a listen :)