Monday, September 19, 2011

Apocalypse Report - Tyranids vs Space Wolves and Grey Knights

Over the weekend Larry and I put some toy soldiers out on the table (13,000 points either side, on a 12 x 4 ft table) and fought it out. I brought my Harridan, two scythed hierodules, two barbed hierodules, 3 trygons, 4 tervigons, and 7 carnifexes plus the rest of my army.

My list:
    13000 Pts - Tyranids Roster
    2 Barbed Hierodule (AP)
    3 Biovore
    2 Broodlord
    6 Carnifex
    60 Gargoyle Brood
    28 Genestealer Brood
    1 Harpy
    1 Harridan (IA)
    6 Hive Guard Brood
    2 Hive Tyrant
    3 Lictor Brood
    1 Malanthrope (AP)
    1 Mycetic Spore
    21 Ravener Brood
    7 Ripper Swarm Brood
    3 Scythed Hierodule (AP)
    1 Stone Crusher Carnifex (IA)
    10 Termagant Brood
    4 Tervigon
    3 Trygon
    5 Tyranid Prime
    12 Tyranid Shrike Brood
    12 Tyranid Warrior Brood
    1 Tyrannofex
    2 Tyrant Guard Brood
    3 Venomthrope Brood
    4 Zoanthrope Brood

To put it nicely: it wasn't close. I lost first turn, he annihilated almost all of my hierodules on turn 1, leaving one alive. I don't play Apocalypse for #WINNING but it is nice to actually see the expensive stuff you painted do something. I dropped the spore in with 4 zoanthropes and killed the psychic defense with my trygons, then got off 4 lances at the titan. Nothing :( My Harridan came on the board and shot all its shots at the titan, immobilizing it and causing it to not fire the next turn, but it was all but over by that point.

He brought something like 29 lascannons plus D weapons on a titan and thunderhawk. Tyranids, lacking any kind of invulnerable save almost across the board and with mostly 3+ on the big space dinosaurs, just can't stand up to it.

I think perhaps next time if I don't have first turn I'll just reserve all my big stuff and that will at least give it a turn of being alive. Also we'll have to play with more cover, and I'll have to grab some better strategems.

Some photos:


  1. That is a ton of stuff on the table! Win/lose - still cool to put that much stuff out there. Thinking Apoc is the only place where Mawlocs would really come into their own.

  2. Going second against all those guns is tough for any army, not just Tyranids. I would have loved to see the Harridan go toe-to-toe with the titan.