Friday, August 19, 2011

Fresh Event: Warmahordes Steamroller - Gamers Sanctuary - 8/20/2011

Each month FreshCoast40k will be highlighting Mid-Michigan events that we plan to attend. This month we are highlighting the Steamroller event at Gamers Sanctuary on August 20th, 2011 at 1 p.m.

We decided to attend this event because we have been building up our Warmachine knowledge all summer and this is an event where we can see even more expertise all in one place. I don't personally plan to win anything (OK I have one list I'd like to win or draw with) but I have been painting furiously so I could have one fully painted list.

The lists are 50 points each, 3 different casters, and character restricted (so you can't have the Black 13th in more than one list). This is really tough as a newbie - you have to obviously throw in more casters than you're used to and the character units you may have used as a crutch aren't available in all three games. I think this will be super tough for me because I use character jacks and the Great Bears etc.

I'm planning on fielding a fully painted 50 point Strakhov force. Strakhov has become my main caster after dabbling with eVlad and Zerkova. My force is totally unconventional and will probably lead to me getting thrown out of the store for being such a mo-ron.

Kommander Strakhov (*6pts)
* Beast-09 (11pts)
* Spriggan (10pts)
* Torch (10pts)
Assault Kommandos (Leader and 5 Grunts) (5pts)
* 2 Assault Kommando Flame Throwers (2pts)
Doom Reavers (Leader and 5 Grunts) (6pts)
Great Bears of Gallowswood (5pts)
Kayazy Assassins (Leader and 5 Grunts) (5pts)
* Kayazy Assassin Underboss (2pts)
My plan is to jam the middle as soon as possible with the three 'jacks. The Assassins as always will go around the flank, and the Kommandos will hold the line in objectives. It is tough because I have only painted min units, not max, so 50 point games will be harder.

The tournament starts at 1 p.m. The details:

• Entry Fee: $10.00
• Format: 50pt Steamroller
SR2011 Appendix Rules:
• Three Lists Required
• Warlock/Warcaster Characters Restricted
• Model/Unit Characters Restricted
• Death Clock
• Attrition Scoring

Complete Steamroller Tournament Rules can be found at:

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