Friday, July 22, 2011

Warmachine Weekend

I have at least two games lined up this weekend with Dustin and Adam - Menoth and Retribution respectively. I've been using Zerkova quite a bit, probably at least a dozen games. I figured it would be time to try a new caster since I'd only used two (eVlad and Zerkova).

I read through the fluff and chose Strakhov. He's pretty prominent in the new Wrath fluff (see above). He is super awesome and a behind the lines assasination type, much different from either Vlad or Zerkova. His spells and feat are really cool and I'm super pumped to paint him.

There ain't a whole huge point to this post. I guess there is a minor one; when discussing WM/H vs GW a lot of people say the fluff isn't good. I have to disagree. The different commanders are represented well in each fluff piece and I find myself really wanting to play as them just from the stories. As Bart Scott would say, "Can't wait". (Is everyone else renewing their NFL Sunday Ticket right now?)

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