Thursday, July 14, 2011

Post game status = owned

Things I learned:

Battle Missions are fun but not balanced.

Monstrous creatures open dreadnoughts like tin cans (actually I knew this but got a refresher course).

Losing 3 of 4 transports before they get to move: not good.

Last but certainly not least, my biker squad is full of sissy babies and is getting packed away for a long, long time.


  1. The labels on this site are hilarious.

    I would try to get a more games in before packing away any models.

  2. I love my bikes so much I even take them in my Space Wolf Army from time to time, if your playing for fun nothings better than idiots on bikes charging tanks!

  3. Well, here's my reasoning. I painted up a squad of 5 bikes and attack bike. Given that I roll Salamanders, they have two meltaguns, a MM attack bike, and the sergeant has a pfist for good measure.

    In this game, they started near a tyrannofex that was likely to cause havoc on my vehicles. I thought with a decent round of shooting to soften him up, they could assault and whittle him down eventually. So I did that. (I think shooting caused 1, maybe 2 wounds.)

    All the regular dudes whiff, no big surprise there with a T6 creature. The pfist misses twice, even with Preferred Enemy from the scenario. I roll a 1 to wound. (Le sigh.)

    Tyrannofex assaults back, causes 1 wound, which I put on the W2 assault bike. I fail leadership, and because of the wonky table edges that were in the corner of the board in an L shape, they immediately ran off the board.

    All of this happened on the first turn. Clearly they need some more remedial training, aka need to sit on my bookshelf for a few months.

  4. We (Josh and I) played quite a few Battle Missions, and the conclusion is that they tend to be skewed for whatever army they were written for. Not always, and there were some close ones, but in general I don't think I lost a Chaos mission, and he didn't lose the Eldar ones IIRC. Not sure how the Dark Eldar ones hold up, since that book was released before the redux.