Monday, July 11, 2011

Hobby Update - Tyranid Warriors with Lash Whips and Bone Swords

The painting challenge is in full swing at Gamers Sanctuary (organized by our very own Geneguard) and I completed my oath for June. I won't mention much about the challenge because I know Bill will rage out on me (get your damn blog post up bro!).

You may recognize easily how I created this 5 lash whip and bone sword warriors - I believe I took the inspiration from Dark Future Games. The whips are made out of the bio-hoses you get for monstrous creature guns and the swords are big monstrous creature talons. I'm still sad that GW hasn't released bone swords and whips as a sprue but that is a conversation for another day #gwincompetence.

For my work in painting and creating these models I was awarded store credit and I "won" the oath for June. I was pretty pumped to find that out!

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  1. Hi there. Great warriors, I love the massive-ness of the bone swords!

    I am currently making a blog called '40,000 Pirates', which is dedicated to distributing printable Warhammer 40k figures for those that cannot afford the real thing (they also work well as proxies for those who want to test new armies/strategies at minimum cost).

    I am writing to ask your permission to use the pictures in this blog post to make printable Tyranid figures to include in my blog.

    You can contact me at