Sunday, July 31, 2011

Games Day 2011! Post 1 (Edit: images embiggened)

We're driving back from Games Day Chicago 2011 so I thought I'd post up some thoughts. Overall it was a great experience - even better than last year.
I spent the day with my best friend Dave and friend of FC40k Larry. We got in line around 9:30. There seemed like there were a lot more people than at Baltimore.
When we got in, we immediately went to buy stuff. I had reserved warrior wings, carnifex crusher claws, and Nurgle dread arms at FW, so I walked to the front of the line to get those. I saw someone with a really awesome BL cover print so we next walked there.
They had a Salamanders book that was apparently limited to 3000 copies. I knew Geneguard would sperg out if I didn't get it for him. I picked it up and had it signed by the author (Nick Kyme) as well as Fear the Alien.
Larry sprinted to the FW line first thing and was about 20th in line. Regular readers have seen my Apocalypse models and know my obsession with FW. Larry is even further gone - he decided to get a wolf? Pattern titan and a bunch of GK dreads. We weren't about to carry the titan around so we stored it in my hotel room.
We checked out the video games, FFG, club tables, and Forgeworld display. I talked to Jes Goodwin and the gentleman from Forgeworld who confirmed IA Apocalypse 1 is on the way to a re-do! At some point after lunch I got back in the FW line because I wanted to get a plague hulk. They didn't end up having that but I did pick up a Malanthrope and Nurgle Sorcerer, and a Boarding Marine for geneguard. The Boarding Marine was a GD exclusive and luckily it was late showing up. It came in right as I got to to the front of the line.
Later in the day we checked out the build a model station. I made Pinchy, an arachni-marine. Dave and I then put together a scene of two marines making beautiful beautiful love. When you're at Games Day it just brings out the 12 year old in you.
We played in the Fantasy big game. Dave got to play a 10 year old (you would not believe the number of 10 year olds who brought their mother). It was pretty awesome. Then we listened to the FW seminar and checked out Golden Demon.
Pictures! (Apologies if this post doesn't come out right, posting from phone).

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