Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Warmachine Progress

New cover art from PP's next Iron Kingdom's RPG. See their blog here:

This is just a quick post to explain some of what we've been doing with Warmachine. We've actually added another player, Jeremy, who will be playing Circle Oroboros, our first Hordes player!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the rest of us have been playing 15 point games and 25-35 point games testing out new strategies, learning the rules, and just realizing how different it is to play Warmachine. I've won a few and gotten destroyed in a few. There are a lot of players at Gamers Sanctuary helping us out with their experience!

It is funny telling stories to the experienced Warmachine players - it is almost like we're taking baby steps! Any time you tell a vet that you used Razor Wind I found you get some laughs, lol. (Zerkova did 13 damage to Nemo in one shot from Razor Wind! Earlier in the game Spriggan did 19 points of damage to a Charger! BOOM!).

I've been painting like a mad man, finishing my Spriggan and Doom Reavers and starting on my Kayazy Assassins.

Sooo many rivets and screws

Painted arc needs to be touched up. I think some flock got on it

The business end

All the Doom Reavers want is a nice day on the deck in the back yard.

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