Saturday, May 21, 2011

Summer Vacation - Team Tournament Results

Geneguard and I played in a team tournament today at The Gamers Sanctuary and had a lot of fun. There were 8 teams, 16 people total. I had imagined that we would be middle of the pack or lower as usual (I have never placed in a tournament before!) since neither of us are really that competitive when it comes to list building and play.

GS recently adopted an Adepticon format to more allow for more competitive play and better scoring (great!). The tournament had 8 teams, so we only did 3 rounds (great!). The missions were really, really, really cool and allowed for a lot of strategic thought. First, the FOC rules:

Teams will consist of 2 Team Members. Each Team Member's army will consist of 1000 points or less, using the Limited Force Organization chart as outlined below.
o 1 HQ
o 0-1 Elite
o 1-3 Troops
o 0-1 Fast Attack
o 0-1 Heavy Support

The rest of the rules can be found here.

My list:

1000 Pts - Summer Vacation
  • 3 Carnifex - 2x TL Devourers with Brainleech Worms
  • 10 Termagant Brood - Adrenal Glands; Toxin Sacs
  • 2 Tervigon - Cluster Spines; Catalyst
One tervigon was in the troops slot.

From what I could tell, Geneguard (Bill)'s list was as follows:

3x 30 boyz mobs with nob with power klaw
3x killa kans
10 lootas
1 big mek w/ kff

I don't know much about Orks so don't quote me. Anyway if you can tell, I didn't really plan to be super competitive because 3 carnifexes with devourers costs 570 points. It was more of a fun gimmick list. The theme was Summer Vacation.

We hadn't really planned out any strategy. I was to draw as much fire as possible giving FNP to carnifexes and gants. Bill was to do whatever he could to try to make us win. We both fielded fully painted armies.
Game 1 was versus Tau and Black Templars. They had a really cool list idea and they didn't really make any mistakes; we forced the Templars to make a lot of saves and the Tau didn't have enough high AP to bring down the big MCs. 
The lineup for game 1.
It was a great fight. I soaked the Templars with biohoses and they eventually died out. We won this battle, accruing a bunch of KPs.

The steel wall was super intimidating.

Game 2 was versus an Imperial Guard steel wall list. I was really scared about playing these guys because they had two large units of Leman Russ tanks and a lot of Chimeras. This battle was truly won by Bill's use of a Waagh and great run rolls. He got into combat on turn 2 and started rolling up tanks and guardsmen. I basically soaked up some shots and killed some dudes and we won. Great opponents and a close battle.

Our last battle was against Dark Eldar and Space Wolves. I was again intimidated (we didn't think we'd win one game, let alone 2!). I hadn't ever played Dark Eldar before and I had heard they were really nasty to MCs. I forgot to FNP my carnifexes one turn and they took 3 wounds; what really sucked was losing two carnifexes to JotWW (such a dumb power).

We managed to hold onto enough objectives to win the game. It was very close, and our opponents were very smart with target priority and shooting. I was very lucky in that my tervigon didn't die to JotWW.

All in all, a great tournament! Bill and I won first place and the most kill points awards. I used my store credit to get 3 chapterhouse tervigons, a chapterhouse mycetic spore, and 3 carnifexes that were sold to the store. Awesome!!


  1. Great job guys! Sounds like you had some close games and some serious fun. I love dakkafexes! Sound like you and I will both be experimenting with high volumes of tervigons this summer!

  2. Thanks for the write-up Mike. You're right about my list, though only one mob was the full 30. The other two had 28 and 22. The full mob was shoota boyz with 3 big shootas, and the other two were slugga boyz.

  3. Some cool pics! I stopped up on Saturday to see things wrap up; looked like a very well run tourney.