Sunday, May 1, 2011

Shenanigan's 2v2

2000 point 2v2 tournament at Shenanigan's in Taylor, MI this weekend. Each player allowed 1000pts with a restricted FOC. (Basically, one of everything plus a bonus slot choice.) $10 per player with a top prize that ended up being $70 in store credit for the winner(?).

We brought Space Wolves with lots of lascannons & missle launchers (read: Razorbacks & Long Fangs) and Deathwing TH/SS Terminators & Landspeeders.

Adam and Jeremy brought Blood Angels & Tau. They had Baals.

The tables...

Nice themes; lots of terrain. 12 players, 6 teams. Battle report pending.

Spoilers: we didn't win.

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  1. Awesome stuff, Dustin. Look forward to seeing the reports! For those who don't know, Dustin is the Chaos Daemons and Silver Space Marines player at GS.