Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Games Day - Chicago, July 30 2011

Just a quick post. Games Day is in Chicago this year which is pretty close for most of us Michigan folks. (A lot of Michiganders think Chicago is this super pristine city and it is so great... I went once. It was pretty decent, but lots of beggars! It was weird).

I went to Games Day last year in Baltimore as part of a large trip to DC and Virginia. It was pretty cool. Lots of stuff to do, see, and hear. I'm not really interested at all in a tournament con because I don't really play 40k competitively; seeing all the displays, playing in huge games, and seeing new stuff is really cool.

I'd recommend going if you haven't been before. I wouldn't recommend bringing your army because there just won't be time or space to play. Games Day is really only one day; if you want to get in the ForgeWorld line it'll take some time. I recommend going after lunch when all the new stuff is gone - it only took us 30 mins of waiting that way.

There are really cool sessions with Black Library where they read new books. ForgeWorld has a couple sessions talking about new models. All in all like I said I'd recommend going at least once and checking it out.

I'll be entering my Harpy in the Monster Conversion Contest. Don't really expect to win anything, but it'd be nice! Let me know in the comments if you're going and we'll meet up and bro around for a bit.


  1. 4 of us from MI40k will be there, we'll have to meet up for some beers and/or some dice rolling friday night!

  2. I plan on going as well. Not sure if I was one of the counts-as mi40k people :o)