Monday, May 9, 2011

Devouring of Reth Week 4 Mission: Wave Assault

Editorial note: We are continuing the campaign being played at Gamers Sanctuary in Flint, MI. This campaign takes place Wednesday nights and starts around 6:30.


Captain Jeremiah was elated. The majority of the surgical strikes meant to destroy the leadership of the hive mind had been successful. The various factions that had started claiming the disrupted territories of Reth were helping the Blood Angel effort as well as hindering it; Orks and the hated Traitor Legions were fighting against the red power armor clad marines at every step.

"My lord, it appears there have been breakthroughs in our lines. The hive mind is evolving in front of our eyes to combat our tactics. New leader beasts have been spawned to counter our efforts to cut off the head. Effectively, we're fighting a war we cannot win. The tyranids continue birthing new creatures to the planet from the hive fleet and have created new biomorphs that will continue to envelop the planet," said Captain Jortario.

"Blast. We have to make a bold movement that will gain us the ground we need to continue our war in space to remove their fleet. We cannot allow them to push us to the brink of destruction on the ground, so we cannot dedicate the resources in the air. We find ourselves impaled upon the horns of a dilemma," said Jeremiah.

Warning klaxons sounded on the ship; servitors scrambled from station to station checking readouts. A fleet crewman stared at the screen in front of him and shot a quick :o glance at Jeremiah.

"Out with it boy! What is happening? Why are the alarms going off!" Jeremiah exclaimed at the shrinking fleet officer.

"Sir, it appears as though a large mass of tyranid creatures are approaching the de Caul salient. They are hitting our lines where they are weakest with wave after wave of tyranid creature. Our troops will be hard pressed to defend their territory that we have paid so dearly to take," the officer whispered to Jeremiah.

"Notify the commanders on the ground! We MUST defend this land! If they take it they will have taken all the planetary defenses and we CANNOT deal with that! Tell the commanders to hold their ground at ALL COSTS!" yelled Jeremiah into the vox. Soon the servitors were scrambling again, transmitting orders to the psykers down below to translate to the planet.


The scout squad was entrenched in a cut of scrub woods along a ridge that overlooked most of the de Caul salient. On one side were the trenches of the Imperial Guard stretched out as far as the eye could see. They were tapering off to the west. On the east side marines in power armor blood red could be seen for miles. Baal predators were revving engines, men of the death company were raging and swiping the air with their chainswords.

Neither flank had any idea of the impending doom coming straight for the salient. Lordan looked up and spied massive winged tyranid creature flying close to the angle of the line. It was snapping its jaws back and forth, ready for a fight. Massive tyranid creatures were approaching behind swarms and swarms of small ones. He knew the massive ones as Carnifexes.

The snipers in his squad were lining up their shots and the heavy bolter had been placed in as solid a position as possible. Lordan saw all along the salient light infantry were setting up positions, getting ready for the assault soon to come. Little did they know that they would be assaulted on all sides; they would surely be fighting for their lives as their escape would be cut off. Lordan was ready for a quick and easy straight-up battle. Little did he know that there was horror lurking in the scrub around him, awaiting the main attack...



Mission Rules

Due to the copyrighted nature of the Battle Missions book, I'm only going to post the mission summary here. You can find it on page 84 & 85 of the Battle Missions book which can be purchased at GS.

*Roll-off to see who decides which long edge will be the enemy's table edge.

*The Tyranids deploy using the Wave Attack special rule (divide army into three groups. Randomly determine on turn 1 which will come in; do the same on turn 2; then bring in last group turn 3).

*Each wave must use a different board edge.

*The enemy deploy anywhere more than 12" from a Tyranid table edge (the three others that aren't the enemy's table edge).

*Set up four objectives, one in the center of the table, and one 18" away from the center of each Tyranid table edge.

*Any number of enemy units may be placed in reserve.

*No Tyranid units may be placed in reserve.

*Random game length as usual.

*Winner is the one who holds the most objectives at the end of the game.


  1. This mission definitely seems to be on the tougher side for the attacker. It doesn't say in the rulebook that the waves have to be equal size. I'm thinking that they should be, though.

  2. Hang back behind cover and wait for the defender to take objectives, force them to come up?

  3. I'm thinking shooty armies will have enough firepower to down 1/3 the force each turn. We will have to set up decent cover.