Friday, May 13, 2011

Angels VS. Daemons - Devouring of Reth GS Campaign Battle Report

Gamers Sanctuary: Devouring of Reth campaign – week 4
Wave assault battle mission , xenos attacking, 1750pts.
My Chaos Daemons; led by a Lord of Change and Bloodthirster, 11 units in total.

Adam’s Blood Angels; lots of mech and terminator armor. (A fast mech army – basically a Chaos Daemon player’s worst nightmare…)

Adam deployed and I randomly chose my first wave of three (which ended up being the one I wanted last), made up of the Lord, Daemonettes, and some Flamers. They were going to be my mid-game monkey wrench for all his mech… but so is the will of the Dark Gods.

The Flamers bit the dust pretty quickly after doing some weapon destroying and stunning. Meanwhile (in my best Super Friends narrator voice), the Lord miraculously made 8 or more invulnerable saves against waves of assault cannon and lascannon spam, one of the only Daemon high points of the match.

Then, on turn 2, assault troops made a move on the Lord after its failed attempt to crack some armor. The force of so many attacks resulted in the Lord being pulled back into the Warp (although he did take a few souls for Tzeentch with him).

My turn 2 wave of exclusively Khorne units made a successful drop and made a push on the various BA mech targets.

But, as expected, they bobbed and weaved their way out of my reach and continued with the unrelenting spam.

Meanwhile (again, in my best Super Friends narrator voice), Daemonettes survived a couple of rounds, even rending a few Terminators. However, the end result was a one-way ticket back to the Warp for them as well.

My third and final wave of Fiends, Plaguebearers, and a Soul Grinder went okay.

However, a dangerous terrain test failure left my Soul Grinder immobilized. Bye-bye assaulting fleet heavy slot choice.

Even though he got off a few shots of Phlegm, it wasn’t enough to save his hide in the end, with a single bastard exploding him using some BS Blood Angels psychic ability that provides S10 in CC. Booo!

By the end of turn 3, all was but lost. You’ll notice lots of red, not enough of it Bloodletters.
Turns 4 and 5 were just kind of a blur of invulnerable savings rolls for me that didn’t go much in my favor.

Game ended on turn 5 with a roll of a 2. We tied on objectives; my remaining two units of Plaguebearers holding on for dear life (death?). But even if I had some more units left, Adam could’ve made all kinds of late game contesting moves on the remaining objectives. So, as it may have seemed even, I never really felt like I had a shot.
That’s okay though! It was still a really fun game and I learned from some mistakes, still trying to figure out how to best utilize some of these units. The Daemon 40k codex isn’t that great and playing them, you have to realize that you’re going to lose sometimes (edit: a lot, and badly). Really though, I doubt Daemons anywhere will ever fair well against an army like this, but it’s always an entertaining time playing a good sportsman like Adam and a nice bonus when everything on the board is painted. And his Angels are awesome; a thing of beauty! (You just can't beat a game where every model on the board is painted, regardless of the outcome of the match.)
I just wish he wasn’t so damn good playing them… lol
Campaign results thus far – Chaos 3, humans 1. On to week 5 - city fighting!!
Post script: We have three (yes, three) mech-centric Blood Angels players in this campaign, basically half of the human roster each week. (Xenos: insert your preferred explitive here.) And I’ve had just about enough of these blurry photos from my inferior camera. Before I buy another Warmarchine model, I’m investing in a decent camera.

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