Monday, April 25, 2011

Week 3 Campaign Information: Devouring of Reth

Weeks 1 and 2 went really well. Combat patrol is something we haven't done in a while so getting back to small games was pretty cool. Now we're moving up to 1750 (why not play with a lot of models on the board?) and starting two weeks of battle missions before Cities of Death™.

Week 3 Mission: Surgical Strike


Brother Captain Jeremiah paced back and forth behind the line of red armored superhumans. Bio plasma was flying past his un-helmeted head and burning men left and right. Marines of the 3rd company had made landfall 10 minutes ago behind enemy lines and were quickly making their way toward the identified enemy sub-commander. Wave after wave of confused tyranid brood was falling to bolter fire. Soon he would have the head of the xenos beast...


Assault Squad Eta's jump packs screamed down toward Reth. Sergeant Adamian could see the target lit up like the engine of a thunderhawk in his visor. He powered up his sword and issued orders to the squad.

"Jarnian and Smintor, go right! Gaius and Brontior you're with me!" Adamian screamed into the vox in his helmet. As soon as they hit the ground he threw off his helmet and raced to the target, a massive amount of armor moving headlong for the largest tyranid beast he could see. Chainswords revved, the smoke of battle hung low over the field and the Sons of Sanguinius were once again rending the enemy.



Blood Angel Captain Jeremiah has ordered a vicious counter attack to cut into the heart of the tyranid army. Dozens of drop pods have been released to Reth and squad upon squad of assault marines have landed. The Ork incursion has been split and the Boss is under attack.

Week 3 of the Reth Campaign will use the mission rules for Surgical Strike. The Blood Angels will be the attacker.

The official rules for Surgical Strike can be found here: ... Strike.pdf

This will be a 1750 point battle. Standard FOC.

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