Sunday, April 24, 2011

Painting Highlight - Space Marine Librarian

Hey everyone,

I've been graciously invited by muggins to contribute to this blog. Since I do more modeling and painting, that will generally be the focus of my articles. Over time, I hope to feature tutorials, store painting contests, and other modeling/painting related stuff. One regular feature I would like to do is to highlight the cool models Gaming Sanctuary regulars have done. There's some great work out there waiting to be seen by the rest of the world!

If the readers will indulge me, I'll start with some of my own recent work. (Mainly because I just decided to do this regular feature article, and didn't get a chance to bug anyone about featuring their stuff!) I play Salamanders Space Marines as well as Deffskull Orks, but today I went with the Salamanders.

As the article title has already made clear, I decided to feature my most recent 40k model- a librarian. I've played 40k since about 6 months or so before 5th edition came out, and have never run a psyker. Figured I better fix that.

As you can see, I removed the plasma pistol and replaced it with a combi-flamer. I tried to emulate the combi-flamer from this cover:

Normally here is where I would ask some questions of the featured painter, so instead I'll just blather on a bit myself. Overall I'm pretty happy with the model, though my picture-taking still has room for improvement. His armor is GW Enchanted Blue with a 50/50 Enchanted/Ice Blue highlight, with a touch of P3 Menoth White Highlight (MWH) thrown in the mix as well. The force blade is all P3 paints- layering from Meridius Blue through Arcane Blue up to some very light pure MWH highlights.

The blob of snow-covered stuff on the base is actually an ork skull, though it's difficult to make out in the pictures. I've done both armies in the same basing scheme, with subtle callouts to the opposing team. So here for example, there's an ork skull on the base. On my Warboss, a marine helmet dangles from his shoota. One of my trukks has bits looted from a Rhino. I'm currently working on a heavily urbanized board that will feature Imperial buildings as well as buildings that have been looted or taken over by the Deffskulls. I think it adds a nice thematic element to the two armies.

Anyway, that's enough from me. Hopefully someone out there has enjoyed this. If any Gaming Sanctuary people have a model you'd like to see featured, drop me a line! I'd be happy to arrange it.


  1. Awesome!! I put stuff from my other factions on my models too... my chaos marines have tyranid heads on their spikes

  2. Gentlemen,

    I love what you are doing here. Please add a follow widget so I can follow your blog ... also, I cannot get this blog to update in the blogroll on DFG. DOn't know why, so it is sitting at the bottom. I will try to fix it.

  3. Awesome - I just added back in the follow thing. I think I'm gonna put it at the bottom as I like the blogroll being at the top right.

  4. I got you all in my blogroll now, whatever the problem was it was fixed. BTW, I would love to see the Deffskull orks!

  5. Nice work, the converted combi-weapon is pretty rad and the force axe came out very striking!